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By rohan_10620 ·
i am basically working on Oracle Technologies & am in the development
field, due ti recession we have been out of the job for past half a month,
guide me.

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Hang in there....

by Pandadude In reply to it jobs

>>we have been out of the job for past half >>a month...
15 days, that's it ? and you're worried already ?
How manay years of Oracle dev experience do you have ?
The matter of the fact is that the market is HORRENDOUSLY flooded now, just totally wacky, simple as that.
This is an extraordinary time, way beyond your ordinary recession. The fact that the economy was red-hot in the past few years is a factor too....the higher you go, the harder you fall....thus the market is in the bottom of the ****-hole now.
I'm Oracle developer too, and I've been looking since August, and I'm in NY Metro !
The fact of the matter is, in my opinion,
to get a IT job these days, is 1) Thru REALLY SOLID inside contact, networking, that is.
2)You have to be very, very, very good at whatever skill(s) you're trying to "sell".
That's why I asked you "how many years of experience you have". Again it's because the market is so flooded, so many people after so few "phantom" jobs(def: jobs that the employers are really not in a hurry to fill, seems most are of this type these days), you will be out of the picture just because 20 other resumes indicate more experience/skills
...Oh yeah talking about skills...the bar is raised.For example, you an Oracle developer ?
well now you may need these other skills to just be competitive...Java..Perl..SQL Server..a little VB, perhaps...Crystal Reports...Business Objects..Data Warehousing...on and on.
Unless you're at the level that you can write a book onOracle development, I suggest you take a deep breath, don't give up (i'm trying), and use this wretched duldrum to pick up more skills.

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