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IT jobs: Are they on the upswing?

By kimsi84 ·

I work in the IT field in NYC area, but haven't gave up trying to find a job because of the economy. I am looking to relocate to California - either LA area or San Fran - sometime after the summer,and would like to know if anyone could let me know how the job situation is out there. I work as a tech support for 10 years, have A+, and college degree.


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Relocating to CA

by MGuyM In reply to IT jobs: Are they on the ...

Hi. Saw your Post and thought I'd fill you in on the Job Market in the SF Bay Area.... I was recently laid off from my Job of 7 Years with a Software Company because they felt it was too expensive to employ people in CA. As a Result, I was forcedto move back to the NorthWest where I lived previously before moving to CA for the Job in the First Place. The SF Bay Area is a Beautiful place, but it's also the most expensive place to live in the Entire Country. The UnEmployment Rate peaked at 7.0% a month or so ago, so make sure you do your homework before making the big move. I would research housing before the Job, cause you'll need to make sure you are being paid enough to support the area. When I moved, I thought I was making lots more money, but when it came to house, I discovered that it was quite expensive....Any Way.. Good Luck!

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by uofM In reply to IT jobs: Are they on the ...

I WAS thinking of the exact same thing a few months ago (FYI- I live in the DC area right now). In fact, I actually went out there "scoping" for houses, jobs, and basically just to get a feel of the area. Visited SF, Sonoma county (Santa Rosa), andthe San Jose area. Here's what I found:

Housing - Everybody's heard how expensive it is... But until you actually go out there and see for yourself, its hard to imagine. $350K at least for a 15 year old home in the 2500 sq ft range... Most of them look like mobile homes too (compared to the colonel styles in the east). A nicer neighborhood will run you A LOT more. I looked at a neighborhood Santa Rosa called Fountaingrove.... 750K to start for a 4Br with less than 3K sq ft.

Food: Itsactually less expensive compared to the DC area. Didn't go grocery shopping though... so can't tell you about the produce prices.

Gas: Forget it.... at least $2/gallon in April. And I'm talking the pumps outside of some no-name soda-pop shop.
Job outlook: Well...Its probably the worst hit area in the nation in terms of IT. All I saw in San Jose are empty buildings and parking lots....
And talking to the folks there.... its as bad as it can be.

Environment: SF is cold and damp, Santa Rosa and San Jose is a bit better. I'm not a city guy, so I'd definitely want suburbia living - house with a garage and parking at all the malls. It is very beautiful out there in terms of weather and scenery.... However, I'm not sure its worth the money to be out there when you take the other things into consideration (schools, taxes..etc.).

This is just IMHO - Your mileage will differ.

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Thanks for the input

by kimsi84 In reply to

Thanks for the reply. Yes , I have to do more research before making the my move.

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