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IT Jobs: Stress or Anti-Stress

By Darryl~ Moderator ·
I know this topic gets tossed around often but I have found myself wrapped up in it once again.

Here is my question:

Do you find working in the IT field stressful to the point that it affects your health or do you find it relieves your stress?

I have been hanging around the TechRepublic forums a little more lately, as many of the more active members of will have noticed, because my doctor has more or less put me on light duty; no lifting, no exercise, no stressful situations, etc. (I have a history of heart problems) so I find myself in front of a desk a little more than I am used to and not interacting with my co-workers as much as normal. I am in a building with 20 or 30 people (all trained in first aid/CPR as it is a job requirement) and I feel very comfortable that if I should need help, it is very close.

So here is my real problem; I seem to make them all very nervous when I am around (they think I am going to drop dead from a heart attack) which in turn increases my stress level; if I don't go into work, for whatever reason, they worry about what's going on with me which in turn, as far as I can figure, increases their stress level, not mine.

I love my job; I enjoy helping my co-workers with their sometimes silly problems. I don't find my job the least bit stressful; actually, I find it quite the opposite. People try to tell me that the most stressful job in our office is solving everyone's computer issues; I find it challenging and rewarding.

I see many of the posts in the forum where people are kind of "teasing" others about things they really shouldn't be doing (like trying to hack passwords), but when it comes down to someone having a "real" problem, gee wiz, there are some very good suggestions/solutions posted very quickly. I think some of that "light heartiness" during the "teasing" helps alleviate the stress.

Am I wrong or is this how most IT professionals deal with stress...teasing their peers?

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I like to

by mamies In reply to IT Jobs: Stress or Anti-S ...

As with any job I am sure that you will find a little bit of "mucking around" between peers. It helps with my stress level aslong as the person on the other end takes it lightly as well otherwise it creates issues.

And I know what they mean by being stressful, when someone comes to me and says why hasn't the email sent, my first reaction is the server has fallen over, not that they havent press the send button

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Can be stressful - but if you like what you do. . .

by KSoniat In reply to IT Jobs: Stress or Anti-S ...

Sounds like working is the best bet for you. When I've had big projects I'll lose sleep going over fine points - but most of the time I really like what I do.

I tend to take things in stride, and like to joke around with co-workers.

I was pregnant (only about 6 months) when it snowed here. I drove into work because I could - I learned to drive in snow. Now you have to understand I am in SC. People accosted me in the halls "what are you DOING here?". "What if we get STUCK" "What if you go into LABOR" etc. Geesh - I finally went home so THEY could get some work done.

People are funny - it's nice that they care for you though. Hope they settle down.

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