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By jkslui ·
Hi Everyone,

I like to introduce myself first. I'm 24 and currently do IT Support for internal staff within a company. Servers are outsourced, so my learning curve is very minimal. We are still using NT4 as a PDC and will be using AD within 6 months.

My goal is to be a Network Designer/Administrator one day, but lack the experience and knowledge. My manager has been very understanding and is paying for my MCSE. The only thing is I don't think I will using this within this said before servers are outsourced. I like to change jobs, but the IT sector these days is very quiet.

If anyone can share a their experience with me on how they got to where they are, that would be great.



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Life Happens

by Oldefar In reply to IT ladder

Speaking for myself and for IT professionals I know, most of us reached our current positions by "accident" rather than plan.

I won't bore you with all the twists and turns I took over the past 3 decades, but each advancement came about because of a couple of key concepts I take to every job.

- Know your values and stay true to them. As Popeye used to say ?I yam what I yam and that?s all that I yam.?

- Be the absolute best you can be in whatever you are currently doing.

- Treat everyone with respect and give them the benefit of the doubt. Most people are essentially good. Plus, you never know who is related to who or what their next position will be.

- Love life and living, and share that with those you meet. Find a way to enjoy whatever it is you are doing.

Certifications and degrees are door openers only. They may help you get an interview, but it is your approach to your work and those around you that will determine future opportunities. Keep in mind that life is a journey, not a destination.

Good luck to you.

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