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By reachkmeena ·
i am into IT resourcing and recruitment. Most of the times i find it difficult to track profiles i latest technology. i need to have an update on the latest technologies. is that possible

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by jtakiwi In reply to IT latest skills

YOu say you are into IT resourcing and recruitment. Shouldn't you be familiar w/ the technologies you are trying to recruit for? I had horrible experiences w/ recruiters, they didn't seem to understand what I did, nor understand the job they were trying to fill. So, you may want to subscribe to a magazine like Info World, pc Magazine, one of the Microsoft publications. Any should be covering the latest technologies and trends, as well as the type of skills necessary to implement them.

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by manmohan74 In reply to IT latest skills

This role is always on the edge, according to me it depends on what you know and how well you know.

Its sort of marriage between two binding parties which involves understanding, compromise and what exactly you need.

My experience has been the following:

1. Client/Hiring manager - Never gives proper job requirement. (Looking at a print out of required role and responsiblities does not mean much to me). It often does not give much of the meat of what the hiring manager is looking for ex: Personality traits, soft skills etc. (Your objective would to to try and connect with hiring manager/ the role the hiree is expected to work and know as much as you can).

2. As a recruiter one cannot possibly know all the softwares/how that technology works (I hate people saying recruiters dont know what the **** they are looking for).

3. Based on the above, if you can actually talk to anybody working in that role in the same company it gives you better perspective.

4. Research on job sites, technology sites/ informational sites etc to get better handle of the technology you are trying to find.

5. Use forums, job sites, technical resource sites, search engines, networking and regular search skills to find appropriate resources

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