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By James Schroer ·
I have a two year degree in IT Networking Technology and now my current boss want me to take some management classes. So I agreed to find some. My questions are these. 1. Should I take a "boot camp" class on IT Management? If so what's a companyto go with? 2. or should I take college courses and work toward a IT Management degree? The advantage for me to do #1 is that since it's considered in my field they pay up to a certain dollar amount to go to the class. If I do #2 they just do a weak tuition reimbersment. What do you all think?

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Long of Short Term?

by ghstinshll In reply to IT Management Classes

The Boot camp ( if you can find one) will probably benefit you a little in the short term, and the degree will benefit you in the long term. If you choose the short term (easier to have the company give you time off for it too), then go with both and take the courses on your own, part time or what not. Then you'll be better prepared for upper management in 10 years instead of being stuck and frustrated then.

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by timwalsh In reply to IT Management Classes

James, your real answer depends on where the emphasis is being placed by your boss. Is the emphasis on IT, or is it on management? Since your boss said management classes, I suspect the boss'es emphasis is on the latter. You cannot "learn" how tobe an effective manager in a 1- or 2-week "boot camp".

Is it possible you or being groomed for (or already have) a management position? If so, you could argue that "management" is part of your field so the company will pay a bigger share of the costs.

Also, as suggested in the first answer, you should look long term. In 5 or 10 years when your resume is being considered for an upper IT management or CIO position, nobody is going to care that you have an IT Management certificate fromsome bootcamp. They will be impressed if you are well on your way to (or already have) a degree in Business Management.

While taking a boot camp class MIGHT meet your boss'es immediate objectives and net you more money (as far as reimbursement), what it would really show is a penchant for taking shortcuts, lack of serious effort to grow as a manager, and a preference for monetary gain over knowledge gain.

I suggest that you talk to your boss and see what he is expecting you to get out of "some management classes."

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Boss really doesn't know

by James Schroer In reply to Emphasis

I see exactly what you are talking about. The reason I think that he would pay for the boot camp vs. the normal cheap tuition reimberstment for the college class is because with the boot camp it's directed for IT Management and not just some general Management. So I'm thinking what may be ideal for this situation is find a college that offers direction in IT Management and not just a general management degree. Maybe if I can find one of those in the area he may reconsider how he pays for it. Thanks for the help. Now all I have to do is fine that "perfect" solution.

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