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IT - Management, Management, Management?

By dick ·
There seems to be no standard approach to 1]defining the enterprises IT need, 2]determining the IT project scope, 3]establishing the IT plan, and 4]confirming the total IT deployment schedule aimed at enterprise-level client/server systems development. Most organizations, especially those culturally entrenched [e.g. manufacturing] are more apt to attempt to define their own [because there seems to be no accepted standard tool] from internal resources and expertise. The results are more often than not, failure to implement beyond 30% of the available IT solution capability. Beyond this limit, the organization is often still left with fragmented processes, unenlightened people, cumbersome technology, and cost overruns.

Whatis available as a product [or suite of] and which comes with an integrated consulting service base which can provide standard methodologies, manangement tools, and design techniques which will enable the effective development and deployment of client/server and other fo

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IT - Management, Management, Management?

by McKayTech In reply to IT - Management, Manageme ...

The short answer to your question is: there is no product of which I am aware that meets all of your requirements.

And, to be honest, I'm not sure there should be or can be.

A successful IT project needs to reflect the corporate vision, as articulated by its executives, and embrace the corporate culture, as lived by its employees. I just don't see a turn-key product meeting those needs except where a company's vision and culture serendipitously match that of the software developer. I would guess that has to be rare.

We've had some real bad and widely publicized outcomes recently when business processes were molded to fit a particular software paradigm I'm not sure that the homegrown approach you apparently oppose might not be the approach with the higher probability of success.



Paul M. Wright, Jr. MCSE, CNE
McKay Technologies

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IT - Management, Management, Management?

by dick In reply to IT - Management, Manageme ...

I appreciate the feedback, but believe I was not entirely clear as to the issue I was attempting to make.
As stated by Paul above, it is true the IT solution cannot be pre-packaged. What I was trying to determine, was not whether pre-determined results to the effort could be defined, but instead whether there is a software and consulting product which is available which has standardized the methodology to get to whatever the result may be. Thanks Paul for your feedback.

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