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By Icejon ·
I have a question pertaining of where to start with training for the Networking field. I was hired on at my current company as a temp paper runner and I slowly filled the companies gap of not having a person in charge of the network, well exclusively in charge I should say. They are interested in hiring me on as a Network Engineer/IT and putting me in charge to oversee anything related. I am very interested and I have found this job very enjoyable with applying my limited knowledge to it.

I am curious to know where you guys suggest I start with my training. I know a lot depends on knowledge and understanding but for the sake of argument act like I know nothing. The network employs cisco routers and switches, macs, and pc's. Windows Server 2003 is used as well.

Thanks for those of you that can offer some advice.

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by Matt.Altman In reply to IT Management/Training

I am a network administrator at the moment. To be honest, I gained most of my knowledge through troubleshooting. I hit up google a lot as well. I had basic prior networking experience (i.e home set ups). One good thing, if your company is willing to do it, is to sign a contract with someone that offers training. We use Microsoft here. There are trainings for Cisco, Windows Server OS, SQL, Exchange, etc. Also, I download and read through all manuels I can find. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any more specific questions.

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Specific Training

by imonroe In reply to IT Management/Training

I am in a very similar situation, working for a company that is about to upgrade our server. I really know nothing about servers and limited knowledge about networking.

I would like to hear from someone with more specific training ideas. I've looked at Microsoft certification, but have no idea where to start. Most of the class titles are beyond me.

Any help is apprecieted.

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This is what I have done

by AshishS In reply to Specific Training

Hit up Barnes & Noble or Borders book store and read up on books related to the cert you are going towards or a technology you are interested in. If not tight on the budget, then buy the book. Also there are a lot of resources available on the internet and not to mention the sample tests you can take before sitting down for a cert.

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by Icejon In reply to This is what I have done

I know I want to do the Microsoft Certs but I was wondering how feasible/practical it is to get that and possibly an Apple cert on top of Cisco and all the others.

I was also told to get some CompTia certs. I already know a good portion of what is on A+ cert tests so I suppose I could get that easy.

As far as the management side, just kind of work with the responsibility or did any of you guys/gals take some classes for that?

Thank you tons for the responses so far, this is very informative.

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by Matt.Altman In reply to Well..

Microsoft certs are great to get. They mean nothing to a lot of people but they are a great learning tool. Unless your compnay uses a lot of apples, I would lay off of that cert for a while. Most companies use Dell's or thin clients.

Cisco is a great cert to have but may be quite difficult if you have no networking training. I would start with the Microsoft and CompTia certs before going after Cisco. Also, you don't even really need to take the test and get the cert. Just studying alone will help you learn what you need to know.

And as for Comptia certs....most of them are trash. A+ is ok if you want to know how to repair your own computer. Net+ is ok for basic networking knowledge.

As far as servers go. Trial and error taught me a lot. I learned most of what I know by playing around with test servers. The best thing to do would be to get an administration book on servers. One that goes over IIS, Server 2003/2000, All of the admin tools, and maybe even Active Directory.

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by Icejon In reply to Info

Well anyone who does no testing pretty much uses an apple so about 65% of the building but the more serious users of the network are the PCs. Thank you so much for all the information, it is very useful.

Have a good 2008!

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by Matt.Altman In reply to Apples...

If your company uses them then it would not hurt to learn what you can about them. Glad I could be of some assistance. I know how it is starting out in the field. Let me know if you have any more questions. Have a good one.

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by Icejon In reply to Apples
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Lots of options

by kam In reply to IT Management/Training

If you are going for actual ceritification, focus on a specific path that matches your current need and future career goals. For example, Network+ will give you most of the fundamentals you will need now and for the future but a Cisco certification path will be more in depth and provide more specialization. Comptia and Cisco's websites can offer mounds of informatino to support why you should go after a certification (theirs of course).

If your need is more towards access to knowledge, free manuals and other resources are available Internet wide, usually from the manufacture's website. For example, everything I know about configuring Cisco, 3com and Bay Networks gear came from their support websites. For more formal training... is an option for online training. is an option for access to entire technology libraries of books.

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