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By tawandahojane ·
I am currently a support engineer based at a client's site, for a company that provides software solutions for water companies. I would like to step up my career by breaking into IT management. What technical and soft skills would I require to succesfully secure such a job and be succesful?

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by DC_GUY In reply to IT manager Training

You probably have a sufficient set of technical skills. Although that varies from one organization to another. Some people think managers should be able to do the jobs of all their subordinates, which is BS.

What you need is people skills. You have to be able to know which particular approach works with each subordinate, with each peer, with each internal or external customer. You have to be able to make people want to cooperate, especially with you, and to believe that it's of their own volition. You have to motivate people, even if you can't pay them more or let them change their shift. You have to be able to tell someone they didn't get a promotion or that they need to improve.

Depending on your assignment you may also need some project management skills, but the state of the art in that discipline is improving so quickly that you can take plenty of classes to learn it, even if you have to pay your own way.

The biggest headache for managers today derives from the fact that the workstation revolution flattened corporate pyramids and there are almost no first-line supervisors left anywhere. You have to directly supervise your people and still have plenty of time for meetings and administrivia. We IT folks can be pretty undisciplined -- if we had a lot of people skills we'd have gone into a profession that didn't involve escaping into technology -- so we require more supervision and "housebreaking" than the average worker.

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by tawandahojane In reply to IT manager Training

Would you recommend getting certifications such as microsoft and Cisco certs? Or an MBA that has tech. management emphasis? The other thing is most job openings will ask for quantifyable experience. What can I do to horn my IT management skills in my current job?

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by LigurZA In reply to IT manager Training

I am currently in the process of being evaluated and my every move watched for the posistion of Technical Manager, basically managing three support engineers and coming up with new ideas. People skills are very important. I have the necessary technical skills and during the interview and motivation letter, I demonstrated this, but you really have to the people skills. I got the posistion that I am in now (Support Engineer) basically from a "pop quiz" style phone call at 20:15, when I was off guard and not expecting it. The judged my competency off that phone call and then another "pop quiz" style interview. My official resume wasn't even looked at, only my online skills matrix. In the event that I do get this job, it might be may people skills that let me down. I am running against a guy from a pretty large computer firm and I am keeping my fingers crossed. You may want to look into Information Systems, something like this I think, though I am in a rush and think that is the course, Business management with an emphasis on IT.

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by manohar_deore In reply to IT manager Training

i am also in same boat thanks for question and answers

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