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it must be a glitch in my software

By mark ·
Okay, so here i sit, it's currently 11h25 on friday morning, a public holiday.

Im typing this on the laptop at the dining room table

I have a huge deadline to meet for monday namely some clients are flying up to our offices to see
a working demo of the new fantastic software we are developing for them.

The old stuff which was done by the previous dude who has left sucked and i promised a new thang useing asp2, and axaj in short a real singing, dancing wunderapp.

Okay so why o why do i always leave it till the last minute?

i know i have sat,sun and the rest of today to get it finished so that's about 50 odd hours, after all we all know the best time to code is at 03hoo ;-)

is there something woring with my brain?

ps im now gonna sign off and watch "the italian job" on satelite, coz i havent seen it yet.......

aaargh im hopeless.....'

ps it will be finished by monday i know it will

but why do i always eave it to the last ?

any other lunatics out there ?

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Because it is standard operating procedure

by Deadly Ernest In reply to it must be a glitch in my ...

and if you had it ready ahead of time they will come in with changes on the last day that require a total rewrite anyway.

BTW here is a little story you may like.
I once had a small app written, completed and ready to roll delivery 1 weeks time - when the marketing guys came in and said the client wanted a change (major issue) 4 weeks worth of work and still wanted it on time. Marketing had known about it for 4 days and promised to have it ready on time. Yeah right, I handed it back and said "Well start coding, guys." They were not impressed.

Marketting rep goes to their boss and complains I am not pulling my weight, he goes to my boss (a brown nosed, ducker type), both come to me. They yell at me I yell back that I should have been consulted before change accepted. Marketting boss says that is none of my business - just do my job. I say I am either the client takes ready product or 4 weeks delay. Both bosses start yelling at me again, all the while I'm typing away.

I go to printer, get page sign it and hand to boss, collect coat and walk out the door. Leaving them standing there trying to work out how they are going to get it done now that I resigned.

Next week got a lucrative 4 week contract with client to add new feature - for half the price marketting were going to charge and triple what i would have got paid.

Biggest laugh of the lot - whole thing was simple Access database job. Most time in preparing fancy pages for the front end.

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by Tink! In reply to it must be a glitch in my ...

Shall we join Procrastinators Anonymous?
I am a horrible procrastinator. At home more than at work. At work though, the low priority stuff gets shunned, often until it finally becomes high priority. I have reminders popping up everday that I simply snooze for another day. I think I have a few low priority tasks that are 7 weeks old!
I don't think we're crazy, we just find more important things to do. :)

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asp yuk

by mark In reply to it must be a glitch in my ...

Okay so it's almost 12 hours later


watched the movie

surfed the net

deleted all the stuff i had on the only asp page
that almost worked ;-(

taught my daughter how to chat on the net
coz just recently got 3g data card

actally doing some work right now
while sitting on coach with heater on and
watching Anisley on the box

Ps i really really really hate developng in asp !

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