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By mikeit08 ·
Greetings to all

This might not sound fair to ask since its my first post, but I really appreciate your time to answer my question.

I will be a freshman majoring in IT, but I have somewhat small hearing trouble. So, I want to know which IT path would be best suited for my future IT career? (I never use the phone, and prefer to have a career where the communication is the least to worry about).

Thank you and have a great weekend

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by NotSoChiGuy In reply to IT path

Everyone assumes you aren't going to listen, anyway!


Kidding aside, from my experiences, here is how I would rate the frequency of communication for various levels of IT:

Telephone Support (Tier I)
Desktop Support (Tier II)
App Developers
Network Administrators
Network Engineers
Telecom Specialists

NOTE: Different types of industries, firms, teams, projects all require different levels of someone may respond to your post listing the same exact general functions as I, but in a completely different order, depending on what they've seen.

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Your options are probably not as

by ComputerCookie In reply to Management

limited as you think.

You need to focus on your strengths not your weakness.

I have worked with a friend who has two hearing aids but often prefers to use only one, this can be very frustrating, however he always asked people to speak to him, not at him and he created a 'not for profit' Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher program.

For example, whilst you might feel that becoming an 'Application Developer'will not require a lot of communication, you will find that regular communication with your peers and management is required and if your not very good at your job you will find life very hard.

Whereas, you may find that you could be a brilliant 'Network Administrator' and need to find ways to enhance your communication skills and thus be be happy in your job and enjoy the respect of your peers and management.

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