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By FluxIt ·
For someone reading postings, one begins to wonder what it is that possesses the IT professionals mind?

There are all these postings about Marvin the Martin, off beat political thoughts, and diabolical schemes against ex-spouses mixed in with my hard drive crashed and my dog has been assimulated.

Is the IT professional a normal being?

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by DC_GUY In reply to IT PEOPLE

It's still true -- although not as true as it was 35 years ago when I entered the profession -- that IT tends to select for people with weak people skills, people who are more comfortable dealing with technology than with other people.

So you're more likely to see eccentricity in the postings of our community than other groups.

What possesses the IT professional's mind is things of his own making, ideas born of his own spirit, more so than the mind of a person who spends more time interacting with other people and normalizing his thoughts to the group.

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gifted people are often weird

by gralfus In reply to "Normal"?

My wife has been studying the characteristics of highly gifted people. Typically, they do not fit in well with anyone but other highly gifted people. To the non-gifted, their jokes seem to come out of nowhere or have no bearing on the situation, but other gifted folks see the pun or other insight that the joke addresses. They don't do well in school usually, because they are forced to conform to a style of learning that is meant for the average person, and they also have to deal with being outcast from social cliques. So they feel weird and broken, when all the while they are really able to far surpass those around them, if only they have the right environment.

My wife was able to help a couple where she works to get their child tested. The child had been doing poorly in school and the school was recommending medication. It turns out the kid was off the charts in intelligence. they now have the kid in a gifted learning program where the child is excelling.

Some IT folks may simply be highly gifted and not even be aware of it. Of course, some are just dorks (having gone through school with them). It is something to look into, even if you are well along in years. It can help you understand why you didn't fit in, and help you to meet others who get your humor, etc.

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by FluxIt In reply to gifted people are often w ...

IT gifted are people who have an uncanny ability to work in abstract realms. They are able to see complex systems and fuse them in ways mentally that the 'normal' mind struggles with. They are to state worldly problems in complex mathematical and information management terms.

A gifted IT professional would 'Phreak' out all those around him.

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The most abstract of realms

by DC_GUY In reply to THE IT GIFT

People in the sciences and other technical fields have a great respect for IT people. The concept of "structural decomposition" comes into play.

Programmers have to be able to see how a program works at a macro level, then look at the code, which may have loops nested ten or twenty deep. Add to that the infrastructural code of the operating system and the firmware, and the artifacts we deal with are the deepest ones that humans have ever built.

A mathematician once said, "Compared to even a simple computer program with its twenty or so levels of decomposition, the average mathematical theory, with its two or three levels, is practically flat. Computer programmers have to be much brighter than mathematicians."

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You've gone mad Miami!

by Oz_Media In reply to THE IT GIFT

I know you're pretty proud of IT and IT mentality being accepted these days but believe me, IT staff are not unique at all in this respect. I have seen far more 'out of the box' creativity come from engineers, more mechanical aptitude from mechanics and speed techs, etc. There are MANY MANY fields where the IT brain just doesn't hold up as the superior mind.

I think you have a bit of pride mixed up with a whole slew of arrogance going on here.

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by FluxIt In reply to You've gone mad Miami!

a gifted IT person - not all IT people or myself. Believe me I have FIRED several MSCE's because they simply were clueless. One such individual was both a CNE and MCSE. After four attempts to fix a tape backup and putting up with his arrogant rant that we simply did not know what we were doing. I opened the server to find that a hardware problem was the cause and the fix was to simply terminate a SCSI card. I trained him on the issue then fired him for incompetence. Another MS certified guy wiped a computer 6 times and re-installed everything over 4 days. The problem was that the machine could log into the server. I was asked to check it out, pulled the PC out, checked the cable - it was bad. I told the tech to put a new end on it and an hour later it was not done. I asked him what the problem was - he did not know how to put an end on the cable. He was billing at $120 an hour. I showed him the door real fast.

So I am not mad nor I am arrogant. I am reasonably demanding and expect people to perform at least a competent and professional manner.

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to I AM DESCRIBING...

This just seemed like a discussion about how the IT mentality is superior to others due to added creativity and technical troubleshooting skills, which it isn't.

Maybe I read too deep into this, it seems it is not the first time someone has tried to suggest superiority due to knowing IT skills, thats just sick.

My apologies

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Technical Interview Questions

by BFilmFan In reply to I AM DESCRIBING...

I've observed that not every "systems analyst/engineer" has a hardware background to give them the strength in basic troubleshooting philosophy.

As for making cables, I have to be honest to say I've done it about 10 times in 20 years. I'd buy a cable before I tried to make one with my multi-focus vision glassed eyeballs and arthritic fingers. If I made one, you'd spend hours with a Fluke trying to figure out what the **** I had done! Ha-ha.

I've screened several vendor-certified candidates for clients in the past when assisting them in finding someone to continue O&M after I had left. Like everything else in life, you will find that some people are just not compotent, no matter what piece of paper they have to wave about.

The best you can do is give them a technical screening and check their references and hope you make a good choice. If they end up being technically incompotent, then you were really the one that was incompotent for hiring them in the first place. And like everyone else in all walk's of life, we've all hired someone that didn't work out.

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hardware / cabling

by apotheon In reply to Technical Interview Quest ...

These days, when someone claims to know his way around hardware, what he usually means is "I know which slot I can plug this card into! I know what type of RAM this motherboard will take!" There aren't so many people now that say they know hardware and know that some cabling can be used in drop ceilings and some not, due to toxins released by the insulation when the "not" variety is exposed to heat. There aren't, by the same token, so many people that have ever had any inkling how to terminate CAT5 UTP.

In fact, there aren't even all that many people that know what CAT5 UTP is without being told. They'll just refer to everything as "patch cable" or "ethernet wiring", without realizing that the wiring isn't associated with Ethernet except in common misconceptions, or that "patch cable" means "cheap, rather than solid core". This is even among people that supposedly know hardware.

As such, I'm not surprised a network flunkie didn't immediately know what to do with a coil of wire and a crimper when told to terminate cabling. Imagine the confusion if you asked for crossover termination.

The fact that someone doesn't necessarily remember how to line up the wires doesn't actually bother me much. What bothers me is that people have often never even contemplated the idea of terminating cables themselves, and thus have no idea how to go about figuring out how to do it properly. It's not really all that difficult to find diagrams for RJ-45 termination online.

Maybe I'm just showing my age. I'm not one of those 20 year old MCSEs wandering around pretending to know what they're doing.

Do employers even ask for A+ certification any longer?

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Perhaps they have similar minds?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to You've gone mad Miami!

The creative engineers, mechanics, and speed techs you speak of may have minds similar to those that MrMiami describes. Perhaps the skills of analysis and decomposition to understand the parts that make up the whole, along with the whole system as an entity to itself, all at the same time, apply to those fields also.

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