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By bgardner1 ·
I have recently taken over the IT directors
position at a small critical care hospital.
the former IT manager had nothing documented.
I have to write all the policies and procedures from disaster recovery to email use. Does anyone know of a guide book or software that would allow already written policies to be modified to fit my needs

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by Cactus Pete In reply to IT Policy and Procedure g ...

Tech Republic has a columnist, Mike Talon, who addresses this often. Also, you might consider signing up for the DR email list. It's among all the other TR lists.

Browse through here:

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desktop administration

by kula.p In reply to TR

a good book would be the definitive guide to desktop administration by Bob kelly. This can be obtained from

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Go to this website

Hi Brad try this website as it has many sample policies than can be modified for your specific orginisation.

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Good Site

by russgalleywood In reply to Go to this website

Thanks for this link, a really useful site!

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by ornerdoug In reply to IT Policy and Procedure g ...

I am not sure how large your organization is, but I have used TechRepublic's Small Office Tool Kit (CD) which has templates on it that deal with Policies & Procedures.
It was only $25 + s&h.

Saved me a lot of time.

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Potential Outsource

by tnfrench In reply to IT Policy and Procedure g ...

I have been doing this for way too many years now. If you have general guidelines, a good techincal writer can assemble them without much trouble. The website listed is a good start. Read those and mark them up. Let a pro assemble thema dn assure cross-functional consistentcy. If certification is an issue, a pro is almost essential. e-mail me ith any questions.

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Try ISO 9000 Manual

by 35rjt In reply to IT Policy and Procedure g ...

When we went for ISO Certification, the manual was a big help in getting from old to new.

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Information Security Policies Made Easy

by Raegar In reply to IT Policy and Procedure g ...

Don't know what your budget is, but you may want to take a look at Information Security Policies Made Easy. It is expensive at $800+, but it has everything you could want in terms of security policies. The SANS policies are good, but they are individual policies in long-form. If you are trying to craft a comprehensive policy set, this book includes a CD with templates of complete policy sets in short-form that you can modify to suit your environment.

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Here is copy of info on disaster recoveries

by wex In reply to IT Policy and Procedure g ...

I Know of no one place to find all the written material however if you have a list of the things you need then maybe this office can help you find each needed documented policies and procedures.



tart here:

Sample Plans, Outlines and other Plan writing resources

Excellent Sample Plans - Submitted by Ed Pearce (EAB Member)
BRP - Development Guide - (Word Document)
BRP - Recovery Team - (Word Document)
Plan Development Checklist - (Word Document)
EOC Plan - PDF

National Institute of Standards and Technology - Contingency Planning Guide for Information Technology Systems: PDF - Extremely In-Depth Guide Protecting IT Infrastructure - Main HTML Here
University of Arkansas - Computing Services Disaster Recovery Plan
Kansas Department of Administration
Univ. of Toronto - Sample DR Plan Outline
MIT's Sample DR Plan
DRJ's Sample DR Plan
Abilene Christian Univ- Disaster Preparedeness and Recovery Plan
NC State University - Campus wide Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning
List of University and Library Plans

Australian - Guidelines for Small Museum DRP
Novell Netware
Sample Vendor Questionnaire - To Determine if your Critical Vendors are Planning

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Excellent references

by jtollack In reply to Here is copy of info on d ...

Thanks Wex@

These are excellent source references.
I especially appreciate the NIST Contigency Planning Guide.

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