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By Jeffrey Czapla ·
What would you say the salary should be for a Network Administrator who has 1 year experience, Associates Degree, and his/her MCP and Novell 4.11 certs.?

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Depends on Region...

by ARG CIO In reply to IT position salary

Although it shouldn't, it does.. you location in the world, decides if you are worth $16,000, or $38,000. If you are making more than that, more power to you! The one year experience is what keeps it low. the certs help, but don't guarentee anything. The Associates Degree, IS a plus(~$2,000), and should help you stand out against some competition. Don't expect to start at the top, but keep moving, and you can get there, very quickly. Another two or three years experience, and the numbers above almost double.

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My situation

by mm212 In reply to Depends on Region...

I am in exactly the same situation and ARG CIO sounds correct (as much as I wish he was wrong). I am near the top of the range he listed ($16-38k). I was of the mind that I am underpaid. Maybe not as bad as I thought.

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LOL, sorry....

by ARG CIO In reply to My situation

I have studied salary and benefits for some time. I felt underpaid for my last job, so I checked, and it was a little low for my region, so I looked at what I needed to do to get into the other positions. (I had 10 years experience in Hardware, a fair amount of knowledge in Windows NT WS, some server, and a lot of Windows 9x. My knowledge was growing quickly in the desktop application and software configuration areas, but I had no "real" experience. (my job "description" was a hardware lacky). I know I needed someone to take a chance on me, or get certified. I got certified, and found someone willing to take a chance based on that. Without the certification, I would still be in the hardware area! So, cert.'s DO help! They won't makeyou a guru, but without them, you won't be given a chance. If people know you will learn to certify, they know you will learn to perform. ;-)

Good Luck on your job search, hang in there.. a couple of years in the right environment, and you'll beraking it in.

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Still smiling...

by ARG CIO In reply to My situation

Oh, don't get me wrong, you are probably underpaid. Most of us in the IT area are. If all of IT went on strike for two days, the world would grind to a halt! But for the current market, you are about fair market. It is sad to say, but what can we do? Y2K is over, and now we can get back to doing real work.

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Consider becoming independant

by ronpierotti In reply to IT position salary

I recently switched careers. I was an operations manager for 15 years with experience installing and managing an NT network at my place of employment and at my church. I am self taught and do not have Bachlors or Certs from either Novell or Microsoft. I curently have clients with Novell networks and NT networks. I can charge between $50 and $70 per hour. My newest client is a city. I administer their entire network.
Self employment is more risky but the pay is much better.

Good Luck

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