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By JSevegneyIII ·
I am working on a study question for my class at ITT Tech and I have been asked to research the terms Link Speed and Duplex. These are terms that refer to the network adapter properties sheet. Can someone give me an intellegent answer that I can put into my paper?

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Frown :-(

by Oz_Media In reply to IT Question

Although technical support requires massive input from a peer group, a question such as this should not be asked in such a forum.

If you'r egoing to succeed in IT, you should be able to at least get your certs alone and then build a support group for your real-time needs.

Sorry but you should be able to conduct a simple web search and write an explanation of your own based on the millions of results, this isn't exactly a mind numbing question.

The world is full of unemplyed IT grads who scammed their way through an education, don't become one yourself.

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Re: it question

by Matmak In reply to Frown :-(

Although I agree in part with Ozmental, we all have to start somewhere, and further you didn't specify how advanced the course you where doing was, Although I will not credit your paper with the answer you require, in relation to your question, the advice of ozmental to search the web was a good one, and in addition the link speed is the spped at which your network card connects to the network, this is also related to the second part of your question of duplexing which is related to the way in which your network card comunicates with the network by this I mean whether it uses a single shared line with one way communication at any one time either to or from the network (Half duplex) or whether the card communicates with the network and can receive communications at the same time (full duplex) Please do not be fooled into thinking that if you add my answer to your sheet you will pass! the answer I supplied is a very generic description of the terms as requested but should provide you with sufficient background into what these functions are in order to perform a search.

Best regards


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Here I agree with oz

by MallardtooXX In reply to IT Question

I will not give you an answer but I will give you a URL. ITT is not that tough so you can pull the info from this site and use it....or you can go to the rather large online media center that ITT offers to students. but try they have good info there.


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