IT re-org

By SmallFat ·
I am plan a IT re-org plan now, besdie effectiveness and efficiency, i want to put more "statistic" data to support re org objective. such like "IT system roadmap",or benchmark( generic industry)
would some expert help ? thanks a lot

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Start with known systems and process

by gfisicaro In reply to IT re-org

I would start with the implementation of such systems as ITIL v3, PMBOK and Six Sigma in regards to your industry as a way to base your overall plans of how you will justify the Re-Org.

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A business perspective

by JamesRL In reply to IT re-org

I highly recommend looking at the exercise as an opportunity to make your IT department better able to support the goals of the organization you belong to.

If your organization has a planning department, or a group that does the planning and goalsetting, then you need to know what the short term (this year) goals are, and any long term goals.

Typically most companies want to cut costs and increase revenue. You need to know how they want to do this, so you can figure out what they need from IT.

Then you should organize your teams to best provide this.

I've done the role of an IT planner.

Typically most IT organizations are divided into three buckets: one for the "operations". the groups that are needed to keep the business services running. Another would be "projects", the group that runs projects to create new SW/HW/services. The last would be an admin group - the people that support management, track costs (controller) etc.

Of course, in some organizations the lines get blurred, particularly smaller ones. But even in a Fortune 100 company, I was a desktop tech who started off working on projects part time.

As for benchmarks, I will tell you I only really care about two of them. One is employee satisfaction. The other is customer satisfaction. Focus on those and everything else is subservient.

But no doubt others will try to get you to set up various metrics - there are project metrics and help desk metrics and all kinds of metrics.

Benchmarking against yourself is a good idea. Benchmarking against other companies is tough. They may be in the same industry, but may have different goals. Currently my employer is all about market share. They will buy competitors to get it. Our main rival is about profitability. They would actually like to drop unprofitable customers and get smaller. They try and change their software very little, and that pays off in fewer calls to support. We tend to make massive changes to our software, and our support call volume goes up as a result.

You can try to benchmark things like help desk response times, how well you keep to budgets and how well you deliver projects. But in the end, if the customers(internal or external) are not happy with what you are delivering it means nothing.


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