IT Rookie Asks Experts: Windows vs. Linux Servers' Security

By kenrwoodson ·
In noticing many blogs concerning Windows vs. Linux systems, it seems that Linux wins over in the security realm regarding their workstation's OSs.

Can someone help me come to this conclusion:
Is a Linux Server more secure than a Windows Server?

Currently, I'm learning Windows Server 2003 with Active Directory and am wondering if someone can fill me in on the details of this comparison ('cause I'm wondering if it's a waste of time to acquire a MCSA and should focus on Linux Servers.) :)


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Depends on what it is you want to do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IT Rookie Asks Experts: W ...

Any OS Type on a Server is only as Secure as the Systems put in place to keep it secure.

But having said that Linux/BSD generally doesn't require as much work to keep secure as Windows does. But as you do not know what field you will be working in latter if they are a Windows only Organizations you need to know about Windows Server Applications but you shouldn't learn this at the expense of everything else that is available.

You need a Balanced Education so Ideally you should learn about All OS Types that are currently in use and then make decisions on individual applications when you have a full working knowledge of what is available and suitable for the job at hand.

By only knowing one system this limits your ability to be flexible and may limit your ability to work in some areas. For instance most of the Big Financial Institutions and Medical Faculties use a Linux Server Arraignment but the smaller places use Windows Servers and what is ideal for one place doesn't necessarily mean it's the best for all places. But if you do not have a working knowledge of everything available you can not give a balanced response to what would be best for an individual application.

Besides there are other considerations to take into account what may be the best solution for one need may not be suitable for others in the same organization. For argument a Nix Server may be the best to suit one need but because they use Windows Servers for everything else it may not be feasible to incorporate a Nix Server for that need and the less effective Windows Server may be the better alternative for standardization reasons. There may also be an agreement with M$ to be a M$ only Shop so they get discounts on M$ Product so in a case like that suggesting a different OS for a server application just wouldn't be an acceptable idea.

Similarly if the place was to be all Nix and they required a new Server to do a job that Windows does better it may not be the right decision to incorporate a Windows Server in among all the Nix Servers. It could lead to unnecessary complication and make it harder to administer the system overall.


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