It seems our sql database is corrupted

By basrhaidi ·

is there a way to completely check a SQL-Anywhere database (5.5.05)

"Validate" won't help: we had databases that were broken but "validate"
always told us that everything is o.k. :-(

I had the idea to simple read every record in every table (first "select
count(*) from...", second "select * from ...") Number of readed records must
be same as the number of records reported by the "count(*)".
- This works ok (i can report errors) - but I have found a database that
will "hang" on the "Count(*)" (seems to loop forever, CPU-Usage 100% for
>20Min (than i stopped it)

Any other ideas?

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Recovery-Only Database Restore

by donaldreynolds In reply to It seems our sql database ...

A recovery-only database restore can be useful in the following situations:
You did not recover the database when restoring the last backup in a restore sequence, and you now want to recover the database to bring it online.
The database is in standby mode, and you want to make the database updatable without applying another log backup.
The RESTORE syntax for a recovery-only database restore is as follows:
Note Note
The FROM = <backup_device> clause is not used for recovery-only restores because no backup is necessary.
The following example recovers the AdventureWorks2012 sample database in a restore operation without restoring data.
-- Restore database using WITH RECOVERY.
RESTORE DATABASE AdventureWorks2012

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Try to use SQL Database Recovery Tool

by millergibbs In reply to It seems our sql database ...

For an instant solution to repair or recover corrupt SQL Database, you should try to take a help of any professional software like RecoveryFix for SQL Database that very easily repairs badly damaged or corrupt MDF files of SQL Database within few clicks. You can get more details from here

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Use Sql Database Recovery Software

by Mistyacole In reply to It seems our sql database ...

Use SQL Database Recovery Tool which can recovers MDF file, NDF File components like triggers, tables, views, rules and stored procedure with ease as well as recovers the deleted tables of the SQL database.The software recovers SQL Server 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005 and 2000 database files.

Get more information about this software:

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Try using a better tool

by hanif1992 In reply to It seems our sql database ...


You can try using a better database management tool. I never had to face any such problems while using WinSQL.

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Easy Steps to Recover SQL Database

by johnwalker5025 In reply to It seems our sql database ...

You can try SQL database recovery tool for instant solution. The software is capable to repair and recover all stored procedure, tables, views, triggers, functions, rules, primary key, unique key and XML data as well from both MDF and LDF file.

For more details: -

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