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    IT shortage


    by lucik

    Some people believe that there are no shortage in IT industry.
    They have required ‘item/years of experience’s
    and they can not find job.

    As governments of several countries increase quote
    for foreigner IT workers
    I suppose there is some kind of shortage in IT.

    But what is this shortage?
    What kind of IT workers do firms need?


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      IT shortage

      by luds

      In reply to IT shortage

      IMHO the shortage mainly lies in these areas:

      – network specialists (admin,support,consultants etc.)

      – programmers

      reason for that is that companies finally realize that a) they can push productivity and efficiency by adopting modern IT
      b) they eventually will loose out against the competition that realised a) earlier.

      as the demand for these specialist only “recently” appeared the school systems did not put enough emphasis on IT related skills and booom there we are. (… I could be totaly wrong of course and there are more factors playing into this… 馃槈 , but I guess that’s the gist of it.)

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