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    IT social network survey


    by sjackson9203 ·

    This survey is being conducted by Steven Jackson as part of a Doctoral field study. You may forward comments and questions to

    This survey is not in conjunction with any organizational program or inquiry.

    The purpose of this survey is to investigate the social system (social network) patterns of Information Technology (IT) organizations.

    All information will be treated confidentially. Your name is optional. If you provide your name, it will not be reported or disclosed under any circumstances. Your name will not appear anywhere in the study.

    If you are willing to participate in a confidential follow-up interview, check “Yes” on the final question of the survey. Make sure that your name and phone number has been entered. Interviews will be conducted during non-work hours.

    A summary of survey responses and interview information will be presented in the study. The study will NOT identify specific organizations or the identity of any individual.

    I thank you for your time and your participation

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