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IT-solution for multiple locations.

By Beefeater ·

A friend asked me to have a look and find a solution for his IT-problems.

What we have is a company with 3 offices spread out in 3 countries with not more than 2-3 persons at each location.

Their system exist of a computer for each employee, no servers. Email and website is at a webhost.

Without going in to what he wants (because he doesn't really know what he wants), what do you guys think about this solution?

I'll buy two Windows 2003 servers and put them at the head office (and firewall, backup etc).
Setup number one as the DC and also use it as fileserver.
One critical thing for them is to be able to access their accounting-system from wherever so I will setup number two as a TS.

I'm thinking about moving their email to Exchange2k3 on number one. People at the branch-offices can then access their email through https. What positive things to you see about having email indoors?

To put up servers at each location is way to expensive.
They don't work with to many documents so handling files and backup we don't really have to worry about now.

Thankful for any response.

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