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IT Staff Size

By dwymer ·
I am the IT mgr for a small shop that supports 150 users in 14 locations throughout the midwest and also supports VoIP for 3 of the larger locations. I am looking for some outside criteria for determining staff size. I realize there are a large number of variables to consider, I am just looking for some surveys or models comparing size based on whatever criteria, number of users, locations, overall company revenue, etc. ? Does anyone know where I can find this sort of info ?

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Staff Size

by jbaker In reply to IT Staff Size

There are numerous questions that beg to be answered here.

Depending on the spread of the locations, it might be cheaper to outsource your IT support. Weigh the cost of having one, two or three full-time employees over the cost of support contracts for those three locations. Perhaps you could hire one person to travel between the sites, and use contracts for the fires that he would not be able to deal with.

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Remote Support

by angry_white_male In reply to IT Staff Size

Look at your remote support options first. We have a similar employee/location spread in a 60 mile radius and use a remote desktop control solution (LogMeIn) to address first and second level support issues before hitting the road.

Outsourcing is another way to go, but you lose quality control by placing it in the hands of someone local who may not follow your standards.

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Support for increased staff

by dwymer In reply to Remote Support

Actually our remote locations are no more challenging than any other task on my list. My concern is that my list is simply too long. I am getting some resistance from HR about adding staff even though I feel we are running very lean. What I need is some objective sources, surveys, etc.. to compare my staff size to other shops.

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Helpdesk Software

by angry_white_male In reply to Support for increased sta ...

A good tool to judge workload levels and justify headcount increase is to log _EVERY_ call that the IT dept receives and chart the trend in workload. If it's clear that workload is on the increase (with helpdesk data to back you up), people are working more hours, more overtime, longer call resolution times, etc... then you can make a good case for increasing headcount.

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Size questions

by johnk In reply to IT Staff Size

I work in a company that provides many of the services you are looking for to outside clients on a contract basis. In some cases it is a short term fix for a growing arm of a company in other cases we are assisting in the planning and construction of IT services for the future... the real questions you need to ask are:

Do I have the staff to handle the current level of activity/services expected of my department? your helpdesk logs will be critical here.

Does my department lack any key skill sets that we forsee a need for in the future?

Has your department failed any objectives in the past year? If so what?

why did these Items fail? staffing or knowledge?

Are you looking to justify more staff or are you in genuine need of more staff? IS the company growing at a pace that will outpace your ability to provide quality services?

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Dept Size

by cbulla In reply to Size questions

When I used to work for a leading IT consulting company, the recommended ratio was 1:75 tech to user. We were able to stretch that to 1:150 with a well trained staff who was versed in all issues we encountered in the regional office and outlaying offices that our centralized Tier 1 couldn't handle.

All calls were tracked to show the metrics of what we really did.

Any outlaying issue was addressed with remote assistance software, if it was unresolvable in that fashion, the hardware was sent to us or brought to a remote office to be fixed.

It sounds as if you need a division of helpdesk team and direct management assistance.

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by highlander718 In reply to IT Staff Size

The generaly accepted average ratio is 1:75.
(I thought it was 1:50 but maybe that is outdated). I read some time ago, that in some cases they managed with a 1:150 ratio.

I am not sure if you have a central office or the users are evenly distributed between the 14 locations. It also depends on the complexity of the satelite locations. In the past, we used to have ready full spare workstations or whatever equipment for remote offices, with no local support other than remote. In this case (and only in this case), I think 2 IT staff at the central office would suffice in the extreme, but 3 would be ideal.

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