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IT Staff vs Company Size & Sector - What's the size of your department?

By martin.langmaid ·
I've been trying to come up with a way to gather some real world data on this question for a while now and figure that TR is probably the best place to get some honest answers.

I work in a small IT department for a large Social Enterprise in the UK. We do everything in house, from server virtualisation to storage networks to WANs to Telephony to application development.

I am currently arguing the case for more staff, but have been told that I need to justify increased numbers. Trouble is for me its plain as day that if I have more staff I can get more done and make the enterprise more efficient and effective and I'm finding it really hard to generate a comparative table showing other enterprises and companies and their IT workforce size.

So if you have a moment, please reply to this with the following information:

Company Sector: Employment - Social Enterprise
Company Turnover: ??23m
IT Budget : ??460k
Number of employees who are IT Users: 350
Number of Physical locations on WAN:32
Number of printers: 110
Number of desktop devices: 300
Number of mobile devices: 150
Number of Servers Supported(virtual or otherwise): 150
Application Developers
IT Staff in first line: 2
IT staff in 2nd line: 4
IT staff in 3rd line: 2
IT management: 1

All projects are completed in house with an occasional day or two of external consultancy to get a project complete on time or to get a project started. All services are in house (rather than external).

WAN Management: in house
Telephony: in house
Server Management: in house
Messaging: in house
Database management: in house
Application Development of core business reliant Apps: in house
Web development (external and intranet): in house
CCTV/security (id cards etc) in house

What are your departments vital stats? Please Share!

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Wrong question

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT Staff vs Company Size ...

Does the business need you to get more done?
The fact with an extra body, some things you feel need doing could be done, is only important if they do as well.
When you ask the question like that, it beomes the answer. You need more bodies to their requirement X by Y, given of course they don't want to de-prioritise something else to 'free' up resource...

It's not a question of what more could get done, but what will not get done.

How some one else works isn't going to cut it. The manning is (well should be) to meet their specific needs, there's no such thing as a generic IT department.

For instance a lot of places would look at your line support staff ratios and go huh, but they suit your needs and resources....

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