IT Staffing

Working for a Hospital that runs

6 servers - Exchange,SQL,DPM ....

And is in need of help justifing the need for another technican.

THe campus is

120 computers (all different flavors)

THis campus is split between 13 diffrent buildings with fiber between each.

This hospital is running EMR.

The staff doesn't need to be 24x7 but the network does.

Can someone explain how many IT Tech's would be needed in this typical environment? and Why

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round numbers

by as400doofus In reply to IT Staffing

First, it is hard to justify "what is typical". Second, your mileage may vary.

Six discrete servers is way less than one tech unless you have extraordinary needs.

You should have plenty of time to handle 120 computers assuming you have spent some time getting things to work well in the first place.

We have two techs for around 200 PCs and a couple of dozen servers. As we virtualize the servers, we have even more "servers" but less hardware to look after.

Getting things to work well...
1. Can't get bogged down doing application work.
2. Remote control for all servers and workstations (huge time saver when we implemented this).
3. Build software to clone typical desktops so that rebuilds happen fast.
4. Automatic updates for virus and patches (all software). If you are still patching/upgrading software by walking around with a CD, you are wasting your time (although I've a lot of fun in the past doing that!).
5. Automatic backup. Get backup scheduled and running on its own. It should be in some form where you can be gone a couple of days and it still works. We have tape libraries and are moving to geographically mirrored data sets (still with tape backup).

If you only have one tech...I'd worry more about the "beer truck" problem (what if I walk out the front door of the hospital and a beer truck runs me over) than the workload. To me, I'd want some backup for you -- even if that person was "just" a PC tech.

BTW, I don't work on the network side anymore, but have good knowledge of some of the growing pains when I was more involved.

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6 servers 120 desktops well if the DB guy know everything else 1 guy

by CG IT In reply to IT Staffing

if the DB guy doesn't know everything else, 2 guys.

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by EVGA In reply to 6 servers 120 desktops ...

Thanks for the replys this is useful

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