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I.T. Strategy for Early Stage Companies

By bobnik ·
I've been talking with a number of early stage companies. Those companies that have made it past 'start-up' and are preparing for a 'potentially' strong growth stage.

My question is this, where can they turn for expertise to help them through all of the I.T. decisions needed to support their growth without breaking the bank? Decisions like what desktop software will work (free or office or ?) for their unique business needs?

In my past responsibilities, I've been fortunate to have strong internal I.T. teams, but we don't have that luxury here...

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by santeewelding In reply to I.T. Strategy for Early S ...

In talking to this "number of early stage companies", what did they tell you?

To ask here?

You let on little, then switch from "those" to "we".

Your game is?

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Y'mean ...

by bergenfx In reply to So,..
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RE: Santeewelding

by bobnik In reply to So,..

I'm helping them in various aspects from business development, preparing for the investment community, plus including discussing operational & financials aspects within business plans.

I'm asking the question so I can offer suggestions to include in business plan (if any pertaining to I.T.)

My game... is helping them transition from a early stage into a growth stage company.

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My thoughts ... and they are humble

by bergenfx In reply to I.T. Strategy for Early S ...

The stage you describe for these companies is best described as a razor thin, balancing act, as I am sure you are aware.

I wouldn't trust any book, set of criteria or any "expert" to give you a set of principles or guidelines. There is so much tea-leaf reading, divining, wheel spinning. I would recommend putting someone who has been there before, has decent risk tolerance (and management) skills, working closely with a very smart CFO. Too much, one way or another has creamed many companies at this stage. A highwire artist knowing how to hedge in one direction and go balls out in the other, and find a magic mix.

By the way, this doesn't just go for IT ... even more so manufacturing / production, but then you didn't say what their nature of business was.

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