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By ITsupportdesk ·
Hi all

We are setting up a client support helpdesk
We will provide our customers with general IT support, e.g microsoft office, OS and general network connectivity support.
(explain what patches they need to stay current, general advice, etc etc)

There seems to be so much information available on the web that could benifit any helpdesk agent if they had time to read it all.

I am trying to find something simple, a resource that has most of the the general day to day problems and solutions listed. e.g top 50 general help desk calls this week type of thing...

Anyone able to point me in the right direction ?


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Knowledge Base

by Matmak In reply to IT support information re ...


from what I can gauge from your call, your looking for a knowledge base and your right there are countless resources on all manner of problems.

But if you intend to setup your own call centre you would develop and utilise your own knowledgebase for delivery to your support staff possibly some form of intranet based database with ad-hoc forms processing and click through procedural guide.

But at the end of the day nothing really beats experience and it could be worth your while hiring a contractor or two dependent on the size of your operation to train your staff and develop/populate an in house system.

Just my own thoughts on the subject you understand....


Martin Mack

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Knowledge base

by ITsupportdesk In reply to Knowledge Base


Thanks for yoru reply, yes I agree with you..everything you say is correct.
However we need a starting point, I am sure there are knowledge base's available that we could add to and customise, just like you say.
I would like to know what others use/think ?

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Knowledge base

by sean.watmore In reply to Knowledge base

I agree with Martin. Experience , especially on the helpdesk, is the way ahead. Knowledge bases should only be used to provide additional resource to the experience. 80% of faults will be resolved without reference to the knowledge base, and less experienced staff will learn from the more experienced.

In my experience Knowledge Bases are seldom used and not kept upto date. You can find most answers through TechNet, Google or membership to discussion lists.



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I have 1 suggestion..

by hunkybuns2003 In reply to Knowledge base

I know that this site is 'high tech' ,but being a new user ,I ,myself, would love to just be able to understand in plain English what or where or why I'm doing on my P.C.what I'm doing, when I originally was maybe,say,writting a simple e.mail,& an error window comes up when I try & copy the message.That's just an example,but I'm totally learning everything I know so far(NOT MUCH!)on my p.c.,just by going to support groups. THANKS & GOOD LUCK,I'll be a regular,for sure!!

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