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I am the only IT guy in the company I work for and need to either find or create an IT Support Log.

As it?s a small company (40 Users) I kind of don?t want to spend a load of money on buying some software to do this.

Do any of you guys out there know of any free software to do this or have any suggestions on what to include in a database.

I have created something but it just contains basic information.

Thanks in advance


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Why do you need it?

by jdmercha In reply to IT Support Log

Is this for your own use or for reporting to your boss?

I would just use me email package to track incidents. I would enter each incident as a task and cloase them as they were completed. But then I was only tracking them for myself. I didn't have to develop any reports out of them.

When I did need to provide reports, I just built a simple Acess data base. With fields for Date, customer, department/location, description, resolution and a complete check box. I can now pull reports based on any one of those fields.

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by Shellbot In reply to Why do you need it?

this is what i did as well..took a couple hours..(made it look all pretty)

Access is brilliant for small quick things like this..saved form as web and leave it open on my desktop, so someone calls, i log as they speak.

I do not have to report to my boss..BUT i did nayways, and when they seen the amout of work being done, it changed her attitude a little bit, especially when i recorded how many hours a resolution was worked on, or how many follow ups i had and how long i spent on some of the larger cases. Worked in my favour :)

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by JMIRTC In reply to same

Thats kinda what I want it for.
Also as a log that if I get a problem I can look back and see how it was resolved.

What I have got at the moment is split into 2, Servers and PC's. Am still working on what reports I want.

Its been a while since I played with Access so I was just wondering what other people did.

Might just stick with what I have and just make it look better and create some reports.

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by Shellbot In reply to Ditto

if you've already got the basics done..just add a few bells and whistles.

Access is like riding a bike..once get back on, you'll remember how pretty quickly :)

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If you have palm OS --

by CSG In reply to Ditto

I don't know if you have found a solution yet. But if you have a palm OS try this:

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