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By skywalker_al ·
I have taken the helm of a small IT shop and was looking to gauge the status of the current IT Dept. Does anyone have a survey template that they have used in the past to get results from staff members? Something that will include what they like about the IT Dept, what they dislike, improvements/suggestions, etc......things of this nature. Any help would be appreciated.

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Make it personal

by DC_GUY In reply to IT Survey

People are concerned about career paths: are there adequate opportunities for advancement, are promotions given out fairly, is management familiar with subordinates' training and interests when staffing new projects, are too many outsiders brought in, is enough training provided?

About job security: does the company do too much outsourcing, is it too undercapitalized to weather an economic downturn, are dismissals based upon loyalty and contributions?

About being treated fairly: is overtime kept to a minimuim, are telecommuting and alternate work schedules encouraged, is leave adequate, are workers "nickel-and-dimed" for absences and working hours, is discrimination based on age or anything else not allowed?

About how the company is run: do managers appear to know what they're doing, are decisions based on objective criteria, is some 30-year old with the ink still wet on his MBA with lots of leverage but actual ownership of one percent of the firm running a business he knows nothing about from a virtual office in a holding company?

Sometimes you get the most honest answers from the shortest questions: Are you happy here, would you recommend a job here to your friends, does your manager know what he's doing, do you get to spend enough time with your family, do you intend to stay here?

Paradoxically, sometimes the people who complain loudest are the best and most loyal workers. Feeling comfortable emboldens one to complain.

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Don't forget your customers

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to IT Survey

In addition, you really need to get customer feedback, to see how you are doing and what you need to improve. Make sure to include your toughest customers -- you can learn a lot more from them than you can from those who tell you "Everything is fine."

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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Which side... here's both...

by Pr0x1 In reply to IT Survey

If you want the status of the IT Department from the business, there are many samples to choose from, but I found the following to be a good (free) sample:

If you want to ask >>internally<< (within the dept) how they gague themselves, and ask what they like, dislike, etc., there are many options and ways. Just make sure you give them an anonymous way of doing so. A way to speak openly and freely! otherwise you're efforts are of limited value.

Here are a few pointers:

-- Make sure the survey is anonymous, you can always make it an option for their name, and if they want to be contacted for additional feedback
-- Know your audience, understand whom this will be going to, this will help you in designing a better survey
-- Get approval! I don't think I need to embelish here... lets just say some may take offense if not approved and if they don't... (next bullet)
-- Understand the purpose, communicate it, and the value the survey will bring relative to it
-- START SMALL! Don't ask the world, 10 at the most, and I'd start with 5 basics:
1) What do you think is working well (be brief)?
2) what do you think can be improved (be brief)?
3) Is there anything that would make you're job easier? (think People, process, technology)
4) If you could improve one thing, what would that be?
5) Please provide any additional comments (would you like the results posted? would you like to see additional surveys? would you like to be more involved with decisions?)

You're topic is broad, and there are tons of areas/ways to understand how your department is run, what others think of it, etc.. Not knowing where along that path to start is tricky, so go up! start broad. The answers and results you get will lead you where to go next, and let you know what to ask.

I hope this helps you bring it down a notch. Don't be surprised at some of the responses, you get everything from I love it here to I hate everytrhing about this place. The fun part is understanding your department, taking actions on how to improve it, and then getting the cahance to actually make a difference. Bravo!

Good luck.

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by skywalker_al In reply to IT Survey

I appreciate the responses. We have over 175 staff members and only 3 IT employees. I have somewhate gauged my IT employees and want to make sure that the other 175 are equally satisfied with IT.

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Satisfaction with IT

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Thanks

It's always good to verify that your customers are satisfied, but it's even more important to find out ways you can improve, by doing things differently or just doing different things. With a staff of three, you are probably in a zero-sum game, but you may very well discover that some things are just not that important.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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Be Brief.

by ohiois In reply to IT Survey

Most employees feel overwhelmed and that they do not have enough time in their day. You can improve your responses if they don't have to take much time completing your survey. When we have done this in the past we have 5-10 multiple choice questions that we include in our monthly newsletter. We asked a question like:

How many calls to the help did it take to solve your last issue? a) 1 b)2 c)was unable to resolve over the phone

Did you feel the help desk was knowledgable regarding the issue? a)yes b)no

If you have called after-hours, how long did you wait for a response? a)less than 15 minutes b)between 15-30 minutes c)over 30 minutes

Stuff like that. Hope this helps.

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