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By Seldom Seen ·
Are there any message boards for IT techs were you can ask/answer questions in real time?

My thinking is with there being a large community of IT professionals in the world that need help, up to the minute is a lot more effective then waiting on emails or responses on some message boards.

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to IT technical message boar ...

I don't know of any that are truly real time. Plus, I don't think true real time is a realistic expectation. That would mean that a bunch of IT pros are just sitting around all the time waiting for questions to be asked or, worse, hanging out in a chat room.

The value of message boards (IMHO) is that you don't have to be present to get the benefit of a distributed group of people (who are in different time zones). And with notifications via e-mail and RSS, you can get updated as soon as responses come in. I think that is as close to real time as you're going to get (while still getting quality information).

In the Workspace featureset, we have implemented a feature called Updates. It will show you up-to-date information on the discussions that you've participated in. The Updates view is helpful for someone when they are on the site and want to keep up with changes in near real-time.

To see Updates, click the My Workspace link at the top right of the page.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to IT technical message boar ...

... bunch of IT pros are just sitting around all the time waiting for questions to be asked ...
i think he just described the internet...
go for it Seldom, is my 2 cents...something like Skype? for pay not just for points...

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by dawgit In reply to IT technical message boar ...

Actually there did used to be... the 'chat' rooms on yahoo, & such. They're all gone, -dead & buried. There are still a few of that concept in the IRC comunity. Check that out. Also some Soft-ware firms do still offer simular in the web-sites. (or links to) Some might call them forums or something else. SuSE, I think, still does (they brought them back) & check the MS-tech-net site, I believe I saw something there also the other day. I used to participate in the (old) yahoo ones when they still had chat rooms (they had seperated rooms just for diferent computer interests) Now I see this mentality only in IRC. But you might have to look a little (as in dig). The days of use-net, somebody always going to be on line are gone I'm afraid.

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