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By fbech73827 ·
Is getting your certificates in a six month training school a good idea. I am 40 and don't have a lot of time. Will company's hire you with these certificates. Or should I go the long route....College. Is the 25k tuition for the six month class worth it.

Thank you

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Depend on your area of

by ComputerCookie In reply to IT training


What courses are you intending to attempt;


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In today's market?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to IT training

I wouldn't hold my breath. Experienced Tech's with plenty of certificates and degrees are being laid off all around the country/world.

Is 25k tuition for a six-month class worth it? Well, that depends on what you KNOW you're going to get when you get out! If you've got a job waiting for you after school, then go for it. Otherwise, roll the dice like the rest of us.

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"don't have alot of time"

by Dr Dij In reply to IT training

I don't think you should be in IT.

You'll spend endless time you don't appear to have constantly learning.

Anything worthwhile takes time.
IT training doesn't cost 25k. It would take ALOT of time tho.

E.g. you could join ACM or IEEE and get enuf courses to train for several years basically free.

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i'm all over going back to school

by PurpleSkys In reply to IT training

but it does take husband went back to school a number of years ago and took IT training for 4 yrs...and i am currently enrolled in Office Administration for the next 10 months (I'm 43 btw), i'm hoping it's worth it...i'm working my butt off in hopes of finding a good job when i'm done...good luck with whatever decision you make :)

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