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It would be kind of nice

By BOB.B ·
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When a post is removed from a forum that the poster get an e-mail explaining why.

Was some rule broken?
Did someone flag it because their feelings where hurt?
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Was probably flagged as spam by automatic filters or

by Phayte In reply to It would be kind of nice

a moderator. Many times even a link will trigger the spamfilter. OR...your post about voting machines being changed out, then linking to a newspaper article about Rudy Guilliani, which had nothing to do with your possibly sarcastic comment, is probably what got it zapped.

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by BOB.B In reply to Was probably flagged as s ...

That does not help me much.

If sarcasm is not allowed I don't have a problem with that if that's the reason for removing a post.

Btw....the link to Rudy and the voting machines are tied together.

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Correct. For Rudy, the link is close to $2 billion!

by nopremx In reply to Maybe/maybe/maybe
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Re: banned

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to It would be kind of nice

It was alerted, and some moderator (not used to what was common in CNET's Speakeasy forum) deleted it. He wrote: "... had already been warned about political discussions...not that they are not allowed, but to easily becoming a shXtfest, same with religion."

TR is more orientated to professional IT, while CNET was more consumer orientated (and, of course, the political discussions on SE were fun to read). So maybe better limit yourself to politics in regard to IT. That's more on topic and less likely to be deleted.

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BOB wasn't banned...

by Phayte In reply to Re: banned

and I would say the moderator that marked it is not the same moderator that warned people about religion and political discussions...also, the mod giving the warning is very much aware of the cesspool that CNET forums had turned into. Sometimes sarcastic remarks are taken as some sort of fact...text doesn't lend itself to facial expressions, change in voice intonations, other signs of sarcastic comments. In some forums I've seen posters employ fake HTML tags to indicate sarcasm...
<sarcasm>CNET forums were stinky</sarcasm> but even then some people don't get the humor.

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As I recall

by BOB.B In reply to Re: banned

The warning was about the direction that political discussions might go.

I found SE and politics to be interesting reading and good for a laugh at times.

Some folks became quite hot......they were always fun to poke.

Based on the amount of activity.....lack of... that TR forums get I would think that a little action would be welcomed.

Might even draw in some new members.

Perhaps some M will be along to explain the deletion.

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Depends on what type of members and activity!

by Phayte In reply to As I recall

No need for posts where the only point is that political party X is way better than party Y because yadayada...same with religion. There's also little to be gained by "troll baiting" posts just trying to stir the pot. If that is what someone is looking for in an online forum, I would bet they could find thousands, maybe millions, of said forums.
By the way...heard thru the grapevine that your post that was flagged and deleted has been resurrected, just like Lazarus!

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Expressing an opinion/thought

by BOB.B In reply to Depends on what type of m ...

That's what I thought AH allowed.
No one is forced to reply to the opinion/thought.
As long as the discussion stays civil then I would think any subject could be discussed.
Perhaps we all might learn something.

Members and activity.
When hot heads come into a discussion and are abrasive they tend to go away if ignored.

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Lazarus??? Religious!!! Where's a Mod when ya need one???

by nopremx In reply to Depends on what type of m ...
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Not religious!!!

by Phayte In reply to Lazarus??? Religious!!! W ...

Was from paleontology...lazarus taxon...

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