IT331 Technology Infrastructure?

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IT331 Technology Infrastructure?
1. The local area networks are to be interconnected.
2. The networks in are to be interconnected.
3. The new building, Detroit, is to be inter-networked with the other locations using its existing technology infrastructure wherever possible, though some changes may be made if absolutely required for smooth integration.
4. Employees in all locations are to have access to the Internet through a dedicated line to a single ISP.
5. Telephone service for the buildings is to function as a single system so that any phone in any building may reach any other phone using only the extension.
6. All employees are to have voice mail.
7. All employees are to have e-mail through the exchange server in home office including the remote workers.
8. In writing your paper describe the choices you would make in terms of the type of network, the connecting medium, the data communication model being followed.
9. Explain why your choices reflect today's best practices in data and voice communication. Be specific in your reasons, including the characteristics of each choice and explaining why they are appropriate for each task.
10. Diagram the data flow for each task using the drawing tools in Microsoft Word. If another program is used the diagram must be saved as a JPEG and copied into your main Word document.

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Is there really a compelling reason

by IC-IT In reply to IT331 Technology Infrastr ...

that someone here should do your Homework Assignment? ;-)

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sounds like a Request for Quotation requirements

by CG IT In reply to IT331 Technology Infrastr ...

you bidding on a City contract?

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Old professor question

by rapwells In reply to sounds like a Request for ...

My old professor was asking about it but the cost is what I am looking for. 100 office in 2 locations and one of the builings say A is not connected.

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