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ITIL Certification

By LGTampa ·
I'm planning on taking the ITIL Certification test. Anyone know of any useful study guides for the most recent test?

Finding info about the certification test and requirements is a bit cumbersome or I've just not found the right website. Any insight on that would be useful.

And for those that want to whine about another useless certification, fine, fo ahead and whine. While I may agree that certifications are no indicator of ability, it's also a fact of life that many recruiters use them to screen resumes and narrow the candidate list down to a manageable size.

Thanks for any insight!

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Don't know that, but...

by RknRlKid In reply to ITIL Certification

can you tell me more about this certification? Just curious.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Don't know that, but...

I was thinking of tripwire, not mercury that sends out the free book on itil. 'visible ops'.

they have informative webcasts on itil also.

my reply was in the first of tehse identical discussions you started.

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OGC Site

by Vawns In reply to ITIL Certification


I take it your going for the foundadtion cert in Service Mgt? Try the following link as it is the official ITIL site and has a full glossary of all the terms:

The below site has articles on implementing ITIL processes:

Hope this helps,


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by LGTampa In reply to OGC Site

Thanks for the info! I've found a few sites and found some good white papers on this site.

Someone asked about the certification. As a prior developer, development manager, IT Director and consultant, I've always avoided certifications. But as I said before I know some recruiters use them as filters to screen others. I'm in the search for a new position for the first time since college and decided I better play the game as well so I can make the screenings.

ITIL is basically the common sense and best practices that we've all used in prior positions. But they're documented and provide evidence for business stakeholders why we do/plan some of the things we do and help describe the value. Nothing is as good as quality execution and ITIL does nothing to ensure execution. But if you consider the best practices provided in ITIL, they can improve the odds that you will execute and manage systems with quality.

Just my thoughts...

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Yes, and

by Dr Dij In reply to Thanks!

in the case of software and hardware, software agents periodically check the config of servers, routers, installed sw, and anything else that can be programmed to talk to their software.

This provides a near-real time checking of configs that shows you when someone makes unauthorized changes, and provides evidence if system crashes, that change affecting that system was made recently.

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Cert proves you know what you know

by ITIL consultant In reply to Thanks!

I have had the same kind of upbringing in IT. My managers only cared that I applied what I learned instead of that I had a cert. When I first hit the job market after 30 years, I couldn't get the phone to ring until I started to list the cert courses I took. That made the phone ring and since then I've started to take the tests to prove that I know what I know.

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Pink Elephant

by daw_13167 In reply to OGC Site

Go to

they are a firm that performs ITIL certification training nationally.

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You need to find the exam proxy.

by iamwhatiam2004 In reply to ITIL Certification

Yes, I do agree that the information is very hard to find and cumbersome. Anyway, you can try to look at They are the exam proxy. You may also want to try this one.{08AEEF08-0F2E-4866-B546-E70E14E97D02}&menuid={B82278C4-6DFF-43C4-994C-E5FF23183E3D} Hope it could help

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ITIL Certification Links

by surfnz In reply to You need to find the exam ...

Some other ITIL Links that I found good for info & freebies incl:

Loads more on the web,..

Word on the street is that the OGC will change the Certification with their ITIL 3rd Revision expected 2007. Lets see.....

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ITIL stuff link

by mjunaidzafar In reply to ITIL Certification


Given is the link for the stuff (ppt, pdf, etc) for the ITIL and also you will find some exam formats (P4Sure, Actual Tests, don't rely on them they are outdated by now)

Accronyms and Glossary can be downloaded directly from OGC website

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