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ITIL exam Ver2 or Ver3

By momahesh ·
Hi all,
I am currently planning to take ITIL foundation exam. For Past 3 months I have prepared much on Ver2 , But now I heared Ver2 will be not valid after mid of 2008 . Currently i cant get much resouces for Ver3 exams . So can anyone kindly suggest whether is it still OK ,if i take Ver2 exams now.Or if any one help me or show where i can get exam resources for ver3(study guides / dumps) .Or should i wait for some more time . Kindly post your sugession on this regard ?


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ITIL exams

by steve.lawless@purplegriff In reply to ITIL exam Ver2 or Ver3

Hi Mahesh,

I am a Service Management trainer in the UK, so am doing a lot of course development and training in V2 and V3 at the moment.

ITIL is going through a bit of a revolution. If you want reasonably detailed knowledge of 10 core processes then version 2 is for you, and you can take an on-line exam at a Prometic testing centre.

Version 3 is based on the service lifecycle
The 10 Processes are still there in Version 3, and have been added to, but predominantly dealt with at a very high level, with the exception of Service Level Management, Change and Incident Management, which are dealt with roughly to the same depth as they were in version 2.

THe basis of the 5 lifecycle stages are

Service Strategy is primarily about having a clear long term vision of how IT will support the business. It is about documenting what needs to be done. How it will be done is covered in Service Design. All other Lifecycle areas provide feedback into the Strategy, hence everyone needs to be aware of the strategy, to have an opportunity to influence changes to the strategy. Strategic decisions are also based on Management Information, and that information is produced in the other lifecycle stages.

Service Design is about ensuring that everything is designed to achieve the strategic goal. We are looking at designing five different aspects, designing the Service solution, also designing the underpinning processes and the architecture, designing the Management structure that the service solution will work within, and also the measurement methods that will monitor our achievements. Service Design also encompasses all of the proactive elements of processes such as availability, capacity, security and continuity. Ideally we develop a Service Design Package that can be handed over to Service Transition to transition into the live environment.

Service Transition is about ensuring that we have stable and consistent processes to take the service design package from The Service Design stage and ensure that there are no surprises awaiting us. We manage risk and potential impact to ensure a smooth transition into the live environment.

Service Operation is the lifecycle stage where the business value is actually seen by the Customer in terms of day to day delivery of services. Effectively and efficiently supporting and maintaining existing services, and new services coming through the Service Transition lifecycle stage. It is about ensuring that we meet service level targets and monitor and report on the quality of service using the measurement methods that were designed in at the Service Design stage.

Continual Service Improvement is about applying methods to allow monitoring and measuring all of the lifecycle stages, including CSI itself and identifying and prioritising justifiable improvements to achieve improved quality and levels of service to meet the business needs.

Version 3 also describes NEW processes and roles, including:
? Service Catalogue Management
? Information Security Management
? Supplier Management
? Event Management
? Access Management
? Request fulfilment processes
and functions not covered at V2:
? Technical Management
? Applications Management
? Operations Control

Some of the concepts and terminology used in Version 2 has also been brought up to date.

There is no prometric exam available for version 3 yet. We are also seeing lower pass rates for version 3 classroom based courses.

If you are looking at achieveing the highest level qualification. The cheapest way in both time and money is to do V2 Foundation, then v2 managers, then the v2 Managers to V3 Diploma bridge course.

Hope this helps

Regards Steve

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ITIL Certification Resource Page

by lindamarie In reply to ITIL exam Ver2 or Ver3


I just put together a resource page for people interested in looking into the ITIL

I hope this helps.

Linda Marie

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by pavan k v In reply to ITIL exam Ver2 or Ver3


Mahesh, how are you? this is pavan from chennai itself. Did u got the answer for your question. And did u completed your ITIL or not? if yes, which version. V2 or V3. I am in big confusion. because presently i am preparing for ITIL. Could you Please guide and can u send dumps for ITIL V2 or V3 if you completed that course.

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