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ITIL - Service Catalog Creation

By schubert ·
To All,

As this appears to be the core of a good implmentation of ITIL I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of a Good tool to use to create a Service Catalog. I would like a simple Access DB or standalone package


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RE: ITIL - Service Catalog Creation

by jeff_williams In reply to ITIL - Service Catalog Cr ...


The best tool I?ve seen by far is from NewScale ? it?s a standalone package, with out-of-the-box service content to create an IT Service Catalog. Last I spoke with them they had hundreds of templates, with dozens of Fortune 500 companies using their software. Even the big outsourcers like IBM and HP use their Service Catalog solution. Definitely the leader in this space.

I?ve talked to some other vendors as well. But most of them are just trying to copy what NewScale has done. I did my due diligence and found that the others have very few, if any, customers actually using the tool. Given the importance of the Service Catalog, you don?t want to be someone?s guinea pig on this.


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Is it really a Service Catalog creation tool?

by marchred In reply to RE: ITIL - Service Catalo ...


I've looked at the newScale product. I even got a call from one of the reps - which given I'm in Australia and he was calling from the States is quite impressive.

My problem [be nice - I know you are thinking, "You only have one" :)] is that at this stage we are only looking to develop a catalog which baselines all of our current services (not just IT), rather than a Service Level and Service Management system.

I've spent a lot of time googling, but haven't actually found a simple tool to meet our needs - which is to quantify the services so clients know:-

. what is available (definition),
. when it's available (availability),
. how they access it (access) and
. where applicable, the time-frames around the service (service level)

and that executive know what the success measures are for the service (KPI's).

Certainly down the track, when the department is ready to move into formal service level and service request management, then I think that professional package would be needed. However, at the moment, I'm thinking a simple in-house developed database with a web-based front-end to present the "catalogue" to users is where we are heading.

Happy to hear others thoughts



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IT Service Catalog On-Demand

by TalkIT In reply to Is it really a Service Ca ...

Mark and Jeff:

You may want to look at Service Ramp SaaS offering for Service Catalog and Service Portfolios.

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RE: Is it really a Service Catalog creation tool?

by jeff_williams In reply to Is it really a Service Ca ...


You may have looked at the RequestCenter product for service request management:

NewScale also has a Service Catalog tool called PortfolioCenter that does exactly what you described:

I hope this helps.


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FrontRange Solutions ITSM

by jmgarvin In reply to Is it really a Service Ca ...

I work for FrontRange and we provide an ITSM solution that is quite robust out of the box. Out of the box it doesn't quite do what you want, but it is completely configurable and highly customizable, so as an offering it may lead you down the right path. However, you will have to invest some effort in the build.

FrontRange has an office in North Sydney if you are interested.

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