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Its been that long ago!?

By RiverFreight ·
Mouse or hardrive; file, program or software; hardware or chips, I continually find that the problems are in that the "Program it self has not been REFRESHED ever and of course now you have to get a new Moose, its program and all kinds of work and stuff of hauling it down to the store to get it put together so it works. Try instead to have it reread afresh from the original diskettes, not reinstalled - the Reread command in DOS. That has resolved most all the problems that I've been consulted on.

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Thanks for the tip ...

by jardinier In reply to Its been that long ago!?

That is one DOS command I have not previously encountered. I will try it next time I have a problem. Could you give the precise DOS command? e.g. reread a:\setup
or a:\setup /reread

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Its been that long ago!?

I've been using DOS since v2.0 and I've never heard of the 'reread' command. What flavor are you using? I don't really understand what you're talking about either, could you ellucidate?


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by RiverFreight In reply to Its been that long ago!?

I actually don't know the actual DOS Command or the route/path/address as it is something I leave up to the 'Interactive Operating Platform' to do when the parameters I have set are met.
After a period of running over & over the electronic Imageit fades til it is vague like a copy machine copy from the 53rd copy of the 32nd copy of the 147th copy of the Master. so it is kind of hard to read and follow the instructions.

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