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It's just a matter of time

By rseevers ·
I believe it's just a matter of time. This IS going to happen. Once battery technology catches up, (or some other technology capable of powering ultra-portable devices is developed), we will see smart phones or another ultra small formfactor device become our "brain box". These devices will be about the size of today's smartphones. They will come with different options like built-in micro LED projector (, laser projected keyboard (, built-in digital camera, etc...
These devices will not necessarily BE phones. Although, like today's smart phone, there will be devices that have phone functionality or visa versa. These devices are the laptops of tomorrow.

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Let's not stop there

by mjd420nova In reply to It's just a matter of tim ...

The ultimate device wouldn't need a phone just a streamed video from a friends device. Real video phone and with added facilities, like GPS, and who knows what apps will come about just from that. Stereo headphones , toss in a visor for heads up displays or 3D effects and short of a chair to plug into that could give slight changes in attitude and tilt .....The simulations you could reproduce in the home or even an arm chair plug in at a (MOVIE) theather. The next thing you know you could rent a booth and GOD knows what. We are quickly reaching a point where phone videos, huge chat rooms (TWITTER) are the only news some people get. Expanding horizons call for an ever-expanding mind. I look on any device that can track me and tell those who wish to know, where I'm at, where I'm headed or even other data for Police (MPH). Now lets not even think about sticking these things in a car??? Slipped, that's already here.

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Was this a response to something else?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Let's not stop there

Jason's 'Smart phone and TV' article, perhaps?

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