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It's not you. It's us. Sorry! Something went wrong... *scratches head*

By cpguru21 ·
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So I just came back here after a long break (well a month anyway) to see how the progress of the new site is going.

I am still receiving the dreaded "404" page error (only its has different text, with comedy mixed in)

Also when I try to view topics, it says there are a number of comments, only none show up. In fact, in going to the Community heading at the top, it shows the incorrect amount of posts, and some topics even have a -1 post. How do you get a -1 post to a discussion?

Are these issues going to be resolved soon? I left previously due to the page load errors. I know a lot of upgrades went on, and am perplexed to see the exact same issues.

My typical way of browsing, look for interesting topics, rightclick and view in new tab. Ill open a bunch of discussions one after the other then as I get time, read through and see if I have any input. Every new tab has the stupid *scratches head* message, and if I ctrl r to reload, the topic shows up.

grrrr....I like this site and the community members input most of all. I would hate to go away forever.

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