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It's snowing again!

By Slayer_ ·
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I am getting pissed off now.
At this rate we will still have ice on the lakes in July.

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by NickNielsen In reply to It's snowing again!

would make for a bracing swim, wouldn't it? :0

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I don't mind cold water, it's hard water that is a problem

by Slayer_ In reply to That

Pretty soon it will be winter again at this rate.

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A little snow, a little ice

by NickNielsen In reply to I don't mind cold water, ...

A little less snow, a little less ice.

I grew up thinking those were the seasons in Canada!

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I feel like it's true this year

by Slayer_ In reply to A little snow, a little i ...

I mean I love snowmobiling and stuff.
But I want to get beach season going.

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You're Canadian

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to It's snowing again!

Get on with it or move to the states, where you can complain about where you choose to live. Americans get to buy homes in tornado alley and yet get sympathy when their home is blown away.

Americans get to lobby about how important their right to have a gun is, and yet get sympathy when nutbags buy guns and go on killing sprees.

Americans get to occupy foreign nations and set demands as to what they can and can't develop, what they can and can't import or export, then get sympathy when that nation strikes back against them.

Americans get to complain about the world around them how the world would perish without them, then get sympathy when they say they can't get the imports they so desperately need to survive, at a low enough price from said nations.

Wanna complain about snow, where you chose to live? Move to the states.

As for Canada, it's sunny and warm, beautiful camping weather. Played a round of golf yesterday and have the raccoon tan from my sunglasses. I could go snow mobiling 30 minutes from here (my office) or sailing just 10 minutes away. I can go skiing in 20 minutes or sit on a sunny beach in 10. MOVE, I did and hundreds of thousands of others do each and every day.

I lived in NS, moved, too much snow. I lived in Ontario, moved, too much snow and too many clowns (I hate clowns). I lived in Rossland and Trail, moved, too much snow. I've lived in Portland Oregon and Carmel California (for a short term when I had a business there), moved because it was America.

For a race that succeeded due to being nomadic, in search of better habitats, people sure are complacent these days.

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You live in BC

by Slayer_ In reply to You're Canadian

Therefore your opinion is invalid.

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Been there done that

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to You live in BC

Got the t-shirt and now use it to wax my car on sunny days instead.

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Now I know your lying

by Slayer_ In reply to Been there done that

There are no sunny days in BC.

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and to clarify

by PurpleSkys In reply to Now I know your lying

there really isn't THAT much snow in NS...yeah, we get some, but Northern NB gets way more

edit to add: I feel for ya Slayer_ ...i'd be royally pissed too

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Didn't we already discuss this one?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to and to clarify

There's more in Sibera too, that doesn't mean much though.

The Amazon gets more rain in a day that we get in most months, it doesn't mean Vancouver doesn't get rain though. It's all relative. We did get more in Rossland and Trail, BC than in Sarnia or Sydney though.

I was in Sydney in 77-79, supposedly the worst snow you've had in ages. Being 4' tall at that time, it was well over my head, up to the main floor bedroom windows. I had a basement bedroom so we (my neighbour's kid and I) tunneled between my bedroom window and his place to get back and forth. I used to bumper ski on the snow plow to school.

When I say no snow, I mean NO snow. This winter we saw less than 1CM, it was gone the next day and didn't come back. Snow here is on the local mountains, and Whistler, where it belongs.

You can still ski and take the sled up the mountain but you can also go boating the same day it you like.

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