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It’s Time to Dump the Social Security Number

By GuyRich ·
The social security number has been in use since 1935, or 80 years.
Initially it was clearly printed on every social security card issued that the number WAS NOT to be used for Identification Purposes.
However we all know that banks, other financial institutions, and most businesses have been ignoring this admonition.

Since the dynamic growth of the internet and online business transactions, the social security number has been the target of many “hacks”.
It is time to get rid of the social security number altogether.
There are very efficient biometric scanners that can be used to verify a person’s identity.
Banks and other businesses and institutions need to start registering the clients and/or customer’s thumb-prints and use them to verify identities.
People who wish to place orders over the internet can purchase a thumb-print scanner very cheaply.
These scanners are in the 50.00 to 200.00 dollar price range.
Businesses that process credit and ATM debit cards can use the same scanners.
Using the thumb print is a fraud proof way of identity verification, since the
scanned thumb print MUST be matched with the issuing institution’s database. Therefore even if the thumb-print database is hacked,
it’s useless because the criminals have NO ACCESS to the person’s real thumb-print.
Obviously standards should be put in place to insure all thumb-print scanners adhere to the agreed standards.
e.g. blood-pressure and temperature sensors, to insure a live human thumb is being scanned.
All of the technology to verify identities through biometrics exist today, as “Off the Shelf” products.
The prices on such biometrics will drop as their use becomes wide spread.

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I agree...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to It’s Time to Dump the Soc ...

I would love to see us get rid of this.

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Thmbprints are not a good idea...

by john.a.wills In reply to It’s Time to Dump the Soc ...

because sometimes people get their fingers burnt. And how much fraud is connected with SSNs anyway? I have twice had my wallet stolen with my Green Card and my SS Card in it, and no-one even thought to use them to obtain employment (if they had done, I would have more SS credit than I have). Other numbers may be more vulnerable.

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Thumbprints ARE a good Idea

by GuyRich In reply to Thmbprints are not a good ...

John, unless a person has BOTH thumbs burned entirely through the flesh to the bone.
The body will heal and the the thumb prints are restored. criminals in the past have tried
burning their prints off to no avail.
A LOT of fraud is committed because of stolen SSNs.
Because of the wide spread use of the SSN, It is the "key" that gives a criminal access to a
person's entire life. It's not about employment, If a person has a decent credit rating, access to the person's SSN enables the thief to obtain credit, purchase big ticket items, in certain cases homes have even been purchased !!

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Maybe you don’t know about mobile spy app

by chieumonguoitai In reply to It’s Time to Dump the Soc ...

That I enter my control number all I have to complete now and after the application installed is create a call to privately activate the phones microphone and listen to what’s going on across the telephone.
When I named the target telephone rang once or twice subsequently attached (activated the microphone). I instantly began reading every person in the area. While there were many and it was occasionally challenging to separate noises it proved too invaluable as I surely could select the style I needed to be controlled by. I used to be not unable to listen to precisely what went on while in the area. The room where the phone was located is approximately 20 x 20 which will be your average size bedroom.

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Dump the Social Security Number; Maybe you don’t know about mobile spy app

by GuyRich In reply to Maybe you don’t know abou ...

I'm not sure I understand what you are talking about, chieumonguoitai
First of all phone calls are encrypted. (At least in America)
Also transactions initiated thru a smart-phone are encrypted.
This is true of also of PCs, i-pads, and notebooks.
I'm sure you can "listen" to encrypted data, but what good will it do you ?

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How would it work for someone who has no thumbs?

by purplebonbon098 In reply to It’s Time to Dump the Soc ...

I have a couple friends who are without thumbs (missing both hands). How would a thumb reader work in their case? or for the many people who have neither hands or feet?

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Time to Dump the Social Security Number

by GuyRich In reply to How would it work for som ...

Good question, there are retina scanners.
For people who are severely disabled there's always the "Power of Attorney"
someone who can act on their behalf.

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Interesting thoughts...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Time to Dump the Social S ...

As much as I believe we need something better than the current SSN identification system, I am not so sure if thumb prints or retina scanners is the means to go. Both at least to me seem to invasive.

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How will you keep up with individual growth?

by NickNielsen In reply to It’s Time to Dump the Soc ...

At birth and in infancy, the thumbprint is too small for effective use, and, contrary to what many believe, it does change as we grow.

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Keep up with Individual Growth? Dump the SSN

by GuyRich In reply to How will you keep up with ...

Hello NickNielsen.
First of all the use of the Thumb-print as a means of authentication for an individual is used
in the scenario to prevent ATM/Credit-Card Fraud, and possibly other scenarios where the
situation demands strong security measures for adults.
You mention that thumb-prints (and other prints) change as humans grow, do you have
any scientific references for that assertion ?

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