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It's time to toss out your antivirus software

By dawgit ·
from our own George Ou [ ]
Well here we go again. Have-truths, and no solutions. I'm really going to have to both agree with you and disagree also. Yes, I do think that there could be a vulnerability in an Anti-Virus, or any program that is open to the world via the internet. But to even sugest that users not use an Anti-Virus program is just plain irresponsible. George, I glad to hear that you've never been exposed to a virus, but in the rest of the world, we're swamped with them. Most users, the people that we must deal with, get viruses all the time, daily in some cases. And, yes Viruses can get in without admin rights, they usually don't ask permission to infect your computer. I had one last week, I didn't 'click' anything, it tried to enter from an infected web-site. (it was a "WinFixer" variant) fortunatly I cought it, and yes I got rid of it too. (That one is not easy either) That is with two firewalls and an Anti-Virus program. It just happens sometimes.
And, No, I would not recomend to anyone to rely on MicroSoft to protect them from viruses or anything else either. Dot it ever occure to you that if you apply the same reasoning to MicroSoft as you have to the Anit-Virus programs, you will have the same results, mass infections. You do realize how easy it is to access millions of computers through MicroSoft itself, don't you? Other people sure do.
So, Yes, You do have a valid point about a possible point of entry in the Anti-Virus programs, your solution is NOT a good one. Anyone else have some input on this? (besides me) -d

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Sorry George

by Neil Higgins In reply to It's time to toss out you ...

I get the fundementals of what your saying,but have to disagree.The times I've been called out because client x,or client y,has a virus gets beyond a joke.Personally,I would not recommend Symantic products,but that's another issue.With broadband speeds ever increasing,and people now playing games,exchanging media,and using interaction,the need for not only a good firewall,or router,is equally as important,as a good anti-virus program.
I once watched a demonstration on the BBC Click tv program,where ex-hackers showed how easy it was to not only take over remote machines,but infect them with all sorts of nasties.Eight seconds was all it took,to infect one luckless pc,without anti-virus protection.
I shall wait (no doubt a long time) till all infections have been deleted,all virus writers are out of buisness,and until some bright spark builds the definitive hardware protection add-on to my pc,before I ditch my "out of the box" anti-virus solution.

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