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It's Waitangi Day! It's Waitangi Day!!

By DMambo ·
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According to my Far Side calendar (today's cartoon - Aerobics in ****) today is Waiangi Day in New Zealand. I think that's just great. Now I could google it, but I'd rather have an explanation direct from someone who knows about it.

Other interesting international (read English-speaking world) holidays that I noticed from a cursory glance are:
8-Mar - International Woman's Day (that's everyday in my house )
12-Mar - 8-Hours day (AU)
18-Mar - Mothering Sunday (UK)
25-Apr - Anzac Day (AU,NZ)
7-May - Early May Bank Holiday (UK)
28-May - Spring Bank Holiday (UK)
4-June - Queen's Birthday (NZ)
11-June - Queen's Birthday (AU except WA)
12-July - Battle of the Boyne Day (NIre) (I get the feeling there are some people who take this one VERY seriously)
6-Aug - Picnic Day (AU-NT)
27-Aug - Summer Bank Holiday (UK) (Those British bankers are lazy bastards!)
1-Oct - Queen's Birthday (AU-WA) (must be a different queen. When's JD's birthday?)
24-Oct - United Nation's Day (Maxwell's favorite, no doubt.)
10-Dec - Human Rights Day
26-Dec Proclamation Day (AU-SA)

Please offer explantions for any of the above or other notable celebration days in your locale.

Makes me wonder why other countries don't have normal holidays like Groundhog Day, Administrative Professionals Day, April Fools Day and National Boss Day like we have here.

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well..thank god for the lazy bankers

by Shellbot In reply to It's Waitangi Day! It's W ...

cause over here anything that ends in "bank holiday" means a day off with pay..yesiree..

And Mothering Sunday is the UK Mothers Day..

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The best place...

by Steffi28 In reply to It's Waitangi Day! It's W ...

...for Bank Holidays ie days off with pay is Bavaria.

They have so many bank holidays its unbelievable, they have holidays that the rest of Germany dont have and they have the most amount of bank holidays in the whole of Germany, there is at least one every three weeks sometimes like in May, I think, theres 3 in the space of 2 weeks.

Its great

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Doesn't make sense

by DMambo In reply to The best place...

Based on the German stereotype of efficiency and hard-work, I'd expect them to have the fewest holidays. The French would probably have the most in my mind. Seems like their government gives them everything else. What's a few extra days off when you're already shutting the entire country down for the whole month of August?

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It's Arbor Day, DMambo!

by Leee In reply to It's Waitangi Day! It's W ...

My "On This Day" mail says that today is Arbor Day in the States. As Sally said in "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown," it is, of course, the day the ships come into the arbor.

Waitangi Day sounds fun though. Anyone?

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"Plant a tree, plant a tree"

by DMambo In reply to It's Arbor Day, DMambo!

Anybody remember this song from grade school?

Plant a tree, plant a tree, plant a tree on Arbor Day
Though it may seem slow, every branch will grow
Celebrate Arbor Day!

There's probably more, but I was drinking pretty heavily during my elementary school years and that's all I can remember.

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Arbor Day varies from state to state

by CharlieSpencer In reply to It's Arbor Day, DMambo!

Arbor Day isn't the same day in every state. It varies because the best time to plant a tree isn't the same in each part of the country. See

for a complete calendar.

FYI, palmettos are the state tree of South Carolina. The trunks are relatively soft and spongy. A fort made of palmettos during the American Revolution withstood bombardment from the British Navy because the cannonballs bounced off. Don't ask me why there's a crescent moon on the state flag; maybe J.Ja. knows.

National Arbor Day Foundation member since 1985.

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by Leee In reply to Arbor Day varies from sta ...

Only three states celebrate Arbor Day in February, then, and today isn't one of those days.

I just figured DMambo got a day off without pay. With all those trees, isn't every day Arbor Day in Vermont?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to It's Waitangi Day! It's W ...

Australia - New Zealand Army Corps. Probably a WW2 commemoration, but I'm sure our Down Under friends will elaborate.

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Actually WW 1 - Gallipoli

by drowningnotwaving In reply to ANZAC

Elaboration would require months of explanation.

Not to mention thousands of beers. Per person.

Read wiki. It's pretty good as an introduction.

It has become increasingly popular. Despite the fact that no WW1 veterans live on, and WW2 are getting less, the celebration and commemoration of Anzac Day grows throughout Australia and New Zealand every year.

In 2015, the centeneray celebration, there is an estimated 250,000 Aussies and Kiwis expected to travel to Turkey for the celebration.

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Bank holidays

by neilb@uk In reply to It's Waitangi Day! It's W ...

The fist one is Jan 1st or the first Monday if New Year is over the weekend. We get two in May - first and last Monday and one on the last Monday in August.

Then we get Christmas Day and Boxing Day (26th) or the next weekdays if either or both fall on a weekend. Then we get Good friday and Easter Monday (thank you very much, Jesus).

Plus that I get 25 days plus one for my birthday and another one on January 2 because the Scots get 2 for Hogmanay and my employer is very PC and we have a Scottish office. Ha ha ha.

As for the Queen, she has two birthdays. Her actual birthday is on 21 April (she was born in 1926).

However, it has long been customary to celebrate the Sovereign?s birthday publicly on a day during the summer, when better weather is more likely so, since 1805, the Sovereign?s 'official' summer birthday has been marked by the Trooping the Colour ceremony, normally held on the second Saturday in June. It is also marked by the flying of the Union flag on government buildings, a 42-gun salute and the publication of the birthday honours list when they give medals to nonentities and other wasters.

Canadians mark the event on 24 May or closest Monday to 24th.

Most of Australia marks the official birthday on second Monday in June but Western Australia mark the official birthday on last Monday in September or first Monday in October. do I know why? No. do I care? No.

In New Zealand, the first Monday in June is the Queen's official birthday. OK guys, closer but no cigar,

This year, it's June 16 for us and I will be celebrating it in tradition fashion by going fishing if the weather is good enough and going down the pub if it isn't.

God save the Queen!

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