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Its working much better today - time to kick the tires

By AV . ·
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I was even able to edit and save my profile. Most profiles show your real name and not your screen name, so you should take a look.

The membership dates are different than they should be. I've been here since Oct. 2002, but it now says 2008. Wish I could shave a few years off my age like that.

Here's some emoticons <) [_]3 :^O :-q

And now for a link.


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I guess not all the emoticons work

by AV . In reply to Its working much better t ...



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Not working for me AV

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Its working much better t ...

But as I'm deprived that is to be expected.

However as My User Profile is correct or at least what it is supposed to be other than the date I supposedly joined I think that 2008 is slightly incorrect. I'd insert a laughing motion here but they simply are not working.

I spent yesterday deleting all of my TR Bookmarks because they no longer work because the links are now officially dead. The sad part is that it's impossible to find all of the links that I once had saved and used a lot to answer questions.


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Still no My Stuff since 2012

by dogknees In reply to Its working much better t ...

Seems it's a little better. At least posts don't repeat.

Still can't read a thread from start to finish. Seems to go OK on Oldest first for a few pages, then reverts to newest to oldest.

Seems a lot of people have gone away from the lack of activity on discussions and I haven't seen any updates on the "problems" workbook.

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So they're still at it.

by seanferd In reply to Its working much better t ...

TechRepublic. Time machine. 5 years. Go.

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Here we go again

by AV . In reply to Its working much better t ...

At least we can post something now without it repeating, but this site has a long way to go.

I don't understand why every upgrade that is done to TR is such a train wreck and to make it worse, there is no communication from anyone on whether they intend to fix the site.

If this is as good as it gets, they should have never bothered having a community area at all.


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