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iTunes Update (

By rkuhn ·
I updated my iTunes program today which I rarely use but do occasionally since I have an older iPod device.

Anyways, after the install was completed I noticed Apple did some things that bothered me. Apple acts more and more everyday like Microsoft for which Apple seems to get a free pass on, BTW.

After the install, I noticed a program on my Windows XP Pro box called Bonjour. I did some reading on it and it sounds innocent enough.

Except for the fact that Apple has taken upon themselves to install this program for me and poke yet another hole in my firewall for me...port 5353 I believe.

What's interesting here is that all the articles I have found online make it sound innocent enough yet when I go into Control Panel, Windows Firewall, Exceptions, Bonjour, Edit, Change Scope...it clearly says that my PC is unblocked for this program to "Any computer (including those on the Internet".

Either way, I have a good hardware firewall (properly configured) at the perimeter so this is pretty much pointless anyways.

But you'd think that if Apple were going to poke a hole in your firewall, they'd at least warn you.

Geez, dealing with Microsoft's tactics day in and day out is enough but now Apple! I don't appreciate this kind of thing just so I can use my iPod.

The whole iTunes suite is a monolithic, pig of a program to begin with, I don't need this. You all know I'm not much of a Linux fan, but c'mon guys, I need a decent replacement for this iTunes crap.

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The Bonjour

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to iTunes Update (

Service has been around for years - funny how you just noticed it!

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I'm a Windows User

by rkuhn In reply to The Bonjour

Why would I have noticed it earlier?

And that's not the point. Why should Apple open a port on my firewall without a little more notice other than super small fine print?

Makes you wonder just what could happen.

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The point is

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to I'm a Windows User

you JUST noticed it despite it being there for years, complete with the same hole in your firewall.

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Listen with Your Ears Please

by rkuhn In reply to The point is

Not your emotions.

I can't notice something that didn't exist before. You really have a reading comprehension problem.

Apple just now pushed the service on my PC. It wasn't there on MY PC for years. Maybe others, not mine.

Apple pushed an update on my PC that opened a hole in my firewall without notifying me. That is the last time I will use that product, period end of story.

I have uninstalled the product and will never use it again. And I will second guess any Apple product going forward if I use an Apple product at all.

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very bothering indeed

by highlander718 In reply to iTunes Update (

I find this indeed very bothering.
I might say I'm shocked :-).
What is this Bonjour for anyway ?

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More Info

by rkuhn In reply to very bothering indeed


My problem with it is that it opens up a hole in your firewall without making it obvious or forewarning you.

Apparently, Gman's loyalty to Apple is stronger than his loyalty to security.

I'm not picking Apple, I'd say the same thing for any software from any company. If you open a hole in my firewall for me (in the name of convenience I suppose) you'd damn well better tell me and tell me in something other than the smallest of small fine print buried in some EULA.

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