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I've been fired twice

By carmen2003tg ·
I just read article posted about retailiation in the work place. I've been fired twice. The first time I never complained and was harassed constantly for fraternizing with an another employee even after their leaving the company for another job. My second job I was constantly harassed told I was too fat and subjected to sexual harassment, couldn't even conduct myself appropriately on the job. Picked on about even the slightest mistake that I make. Watched constantly and then after reporting an incident after a year of employment was repeatly called a "*****" in the office because I was not terminated for being reprimanded in a manner other employees deemed appropriate. I was humiliated on my first job by these people about vibrators and sex toys and then went to the second job to be humiliated about not having sex. I filed a complaint with EEOC and now I'm having trouble finding a lawyer in the state of FL to represent me because I was accused of sexual relations with an office worker, and after 16+ years in the industry, that I never did any work on my own. Adjust my luck my past AVP was my future Director of the company that I was hired from the second time. These idiots were trying to catch me being a ***** out in the streets by following me too. And now I'm on depression medication over a complete myth and lie from within that company. I got violent on the first job, and the second job, all I said was "God damnit" and some religious fanatic overheard it and whoa, no more job. This was following my previous reprimand, in which I conducted myself appropriately by not having any contact with the employee I was accused of threatening. She actually mentioned that I threatened her AND her whole team. She was the whole team, in her eyes. Someone I was suppose to see Jesus in all of that stuff at the workplace, so yes religious harassment too.

I may be just venting pretty strongly now

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to I've been fired twice

Have you considered writing a book on your experiences? I don't know if there is a market, but it couldn't hurt to try. I was released from a contract for using "mad scientist stuff" in web design, the term my manager used for any technology created since 1970. To give you an idea, he believed that relational databases where an ?untried technology? that wasn?t used in business because they were too difficult to understand. His second favorite rant was that the web was a passing fad and that once upper management ?saw the light? everything would go back to COBOL and CICS on mainframes.

For me writing a book was therapeutic and while I?m not getting rich the checks help too. Also, it was a real kick to get an email from a former co-worker about the manager?s reaction to seeing my book on the co-worker?s desk. Revenge is sweet!

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are you nuts?

by shraven In reply to Consider

You want this nut to write a book? The paragraph rant was barely intelligible as it is, you want that drivel expanded into an entire book?

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by swhaley In reply to Consider

I agree with Shraven. I re-read the original post twice to try and find some sort of coherency. It seems like grammatical diarrhea to me. I understand it was a venting session and nothing short of free-flowing emotion. But really... a book???

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by GSG In reply to Huh???

I was concerned about where the person said that in the first job she got violent. The post was quite disjointed and bizarre.

However, in the first job if they are teasing about the sex toys, are the speculating, or did the person talk about using them, and in the 2nd job, how do they know about her personal life. I'm not saying she's wrong to be angry, but I wonder if she's heard of TMI. The others are wrong to talk about it too, but if you keep your mouth shut, they won't know any personal details.

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I have a loud mouth girlfriend she discuss her's and everyone else's

by carmen2003tg In reply to violent?

To win kudos with the boys. Believe me I didn't bring the toy stories to work to the boys. This ridiculous child needed new friends.

Anyway, that's a dead issues, it's a building with over a 1000 people who work there. I don't think toys were the issues, more like human beings.

Had a anxiety attack passing a cubicle office setting, so I'm working on other issues besides sex-related things.

Thanks for your response.

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by kburlingame1 In reply to Consider

It's never a good idea to think of life as fair, much less the workplace. There will always be the people who are listened to (regardless of the value of their thoughts) and those dismissed (" ").

In any employment situation, the best advice I can give is to listen twice as much as you speak and NEVER consider coworkers friends or advisaries; they are merely tools. No tool, especially a sharp one (read:smart) should ever be handeled with anything but caution and respect.

If you always speak ambiguously (say, the weather)or professionally there wil be nothing to worry about. Anger is NOT an acceptable response to a situation. At least, not @ work. There will always be gossips, nepotism and oportunistic bosses and coworkers. Understand these truths and do your best to act accordigly.

Finally: what goes around really does come around; sometimes it just takes a while. Be sure nothing comes back to you.

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my philosophy in the past....but you're considered

by carmen2003tg In reply to Never...

You do not get along well with others if the weather and work is all you talk about. They just wanted to know more than that.

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Most organisations are wacko about harrassement now

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I've been fired twice

Want a real weird case, back in the early 1990s I applied for a job in another state, got interviewed the job. Six weeks later got told I got it. Two weeks after that I started.

Day 1 I arrive and get told that the Section was restructured last week, and now instead of working direct to the Section Head, I'm working to a sub-section head. At the welcome interview with the Section head (she'd been on the selection panel) she tells me that I was appointed against her wishes, and she'll be glad when I move on.

Day 2, I find out that the restructure was done so she wouldn't have to have any daily contact with me. I also find out that when she took over 18 months earlier there'd been 5 men and 7 women in the section. She'd hounded the men into leaving, mostly transfers. Also four of the women left the unit due to her behaviour. She'd recommended another applicant, a woman, but the Human resources people over ruled her as the recommended candidate didn't have all the required skills, I was the only applicant who did. The appointment had been reviewed twice before I was told of getting the job. All that information really made my day.

3 months later, a woman, working on a temporary contract complains about sexual harassment. She'd been getting explicit letters and flowers at home, claimed it was like my writing on documents at work, and quoted three specific incidents when I'd physically, and verbally harassed her at work. She was extremely specific in her complaints with times, dates, actions, and the fact that no one else was present at the times. She was a temp for 4 weeks while my usual assistant took her annual leave. The complaint was lodged on the Monday of her last week.

We worked in a large office, just the two of us. However, we had the unit fax, photocopier, and file system. People from the whole organisation (about 100 people) were in and out every minute, it was very rare for the to be just the two of us there alone.

She gets another 6 weeks employment in the area, while I get 6 weeks paid administrative leave, as they conduct an investigation.

Start of the investigation, the Section head and Branch head call me into a meeting and push some hand written letters at me to look at. Using a pencil I turn them around to read them, I didn't touch them myself. THEN they tell me these are the letters the complainant had received and they're waiting for the police to arrive and take them away for forensic to see what they can find.

In her recommendation for a full investigation, the Section Head said she found my use of pencil to avoid touching the letters showed that I was involved. A full investigation was held, and the investigating officer found "That on the balance of probability I had sexually harassed the woman."

Now for the fun stuff:

The organisation was spread out over 3 floors of an office building, access to all floors, and several sections within, is restricted and you have to use a swipe card and pin number to pass through various check points. All these entries are logged in the security access logs.

In my presentation of evidence to the investigating officer, I closely examined the claims made.

1. I walked in a provocative manner - at the time I walked with a limp, basketball injury.

2. Date and time of first physical contact occurred on a day when I was not at work, and had the receipt from the doctor I was seeing that same morning, two and half hours travel time away.

3. Date and time of second physical contact was when fax and copier logs show two other female staff were in the room, complaint said no one else was, and the unit's security system shows me as being on another floor in a storage room for the hour either side of it.

4. The date and time of the third physical contact is on a morning when I'm at work in the office, and the complainant doesn't show up until two hours after the stated time. Security logs show it.

5. I prove that the documents she says are evidence of my writing are documents handwritten by my regular assistant.

6. The last day of the investigator's interviews with us, the complainant tells her that the local police have arrested her neighbour for the letters and the flowers.


Despite all this, the investigator, a friend of the Section head, finds it was likely I'd harassed the woman, and should be dismissed.

Many of the other female staff are amazed at this. Some said that they knew I'd be found responsible as it was a witch hunt, the section head was out to get me, as she hated all men and wouldn't have a man working for her. And the investigator was the same.

I appealed her decisions, it takes nine months for the appeal to be dealt with, administratively. Final decision is that the file is closed, sealed and nothing on my record. The eight week leave is not deducted from my leave record.

While this is all going on, I got fed up and applied for other jobs, and won a promotion to a sister organisation. I started at that job before they'd finished the original investigation. The new organisation reviewed all the evidence of the case and wondered why they were bothering with it.


Now ready for the really big laugh about this whole piece of crud.

The organisation I worked for, where this happened, was responsible for administering certain legislation, and for conducting investigations and hearings into breaches of those laws - the Sexual Harassment Laws, Discrimination Laws, and Equal Employment Opportunity Laws.

Many of their decisions during the 1990s were appealed, and a lot were overturned on appeal by higher courts. gee I wonder why, could it have been to do with the bigotry of some of the investigators?

And yes, I still have all the paperwork from the case.

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damn, ernie

by mindilator In reply to Most organisations are wa ...

i would have quit after day 2.

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Government work (aka Public Servant) even resignations

by Deadly Ernest In reply to damn, ernie

take months and hard to get another job afterwards - easier to go for a transfer or promotion. Can't really justify doing that after 2 days, but could once I was placed on administrative leave and the other person wasn't.

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