I've been helpful thus far, but now I'm in need of serious help here

By ManiacMan ·
One of the offices I support has come down with some strange behavior on an XP Pro SP2 machine running Office 2003 with SP3. For some strange and unexplained reason, Word seems to crash everytime it is launched and wants to restart into Safe Mode to recover documents. I've tried running an MSI repair, removing office and reinstalling, but this nasty problem won't go away. The event viewer Application log shows an error 1000 with MS Office 11 and the following info:

Faulting application winword.exe, version 11.0.8169.0, stamp 465f2a40, faulting module winword.exe, version 11.0.8169.0, stamp 465f2a40, debug? 0, fault address 0x008dd0ac.

I've tried to find the source of this problem and how to fix it, but as usual, I come up on useless junk posted on blogs by people who have no clue. I've even went so far as to uninstall the last application installed on this PC prior to this problem happening, but this error still persists. Any ideas? I've seen many stupid things with Office and Windows, but never this stuff.


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Nevermind, I found the fix for it. file was corrupted.

by ManiacMan In reply to I've been helpful thus fa ...

I deleted the file and all is well now.

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geez easy fix...

by CG IT In reply to Nevermind, I found the fi ...

Who made the template a document?

well anyways, there's been this problem floating around with Office and Windows Search. Seems it will use up about 50% of CPU resources ALL the time causing random faults on applications. This is especially been noticed with Office 2007.

The fix is to uninstall Windows Search or to disable the search service.

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Office 2007 is a dog in itself. I've seen it and I can't stand it

by ManiacMan In reply to geez easy fix...

I think the new ribbon interface is a joke in itself and more trouble than it's worth.

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Six Minutes ...

by Bizzo In reply to Nevermind, I found the fi ...

... from post to fix, is that a record??

Bet you spent over six minutes writing the post anyway! :-)

Unfortunately, I don't suppose you can give yourself a thumbs up.

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is Windows Search Indexer running?

by CG IT In reply to I've been helpful thus fa ...

Is it using up about 50% of CPU resources?

If so, try uninstalling Windows Desktop Search.

If that doesn't fix the problem, try disabling the Windows Seach.

Another service that might be causing the problem is office source engine. If it's set to manual, or disabled, set it for automatic [delayed] start up.

Since the fault module is winword.exe sorta narrows what's causing the problem.

Try a Windows Live Full Service scan from here:

got a dump file?

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I got it already. The stupid file was trashed

by ManiacMan In reply to is Windows Search Indexer ...

That seems to be about 99% of all Office problems alone.

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by rahouseholder In reply to I got it already. The st ...

That is usually the first thing I suspect with Office problems. Can't count how many times I have seen a corrupted

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