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I've built myself into a corner and can't get out

By burningout ·
I have been with the same company for a number of years. I am kind of like thier fire fighter. When others can't fix I usually can. I have deep skills in networking, SA and programming as well as security. I guess you could call me an ubergeek. The problem is I am burning out and want to move to management. A management position in the same company has come open but they won't let me move into it..I am too valuable to them where I am. What should I do? Should I move on to a new company or should I fight for what I feel I deserve. I have been here almost 10 years. I have proven myself time and time again yet they don't seem to really care.

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May not be the job - maybe something else

by JimHM In reply to I've built myself into a ...

May not be the job you are doing - it could be a one of a number of things (None of these are flames - on you - or your skills - just things to for you to think about)

1) You're lacking management skill or training they believe is needed for that position, and they don't communicate that well.

2) They already have someone picked for the position.

3) You made a few people made over your years their and this is their way of getting you back.

4) There's the "Good Old Boys" click and you are tring to change what they have. IE they don't like women managers...

If you believe it is a personality conflict - between you and someone else. It is probably time to depart and sell your skills to the next highest bidder.

If its - your skills or education or ability to handle management issues - get thy to a school and get some Education...

There more than what they are telling you - that is a nice way of saying you aren't qualified for the position. You may think so - But they don't -

Like I said - these aren't flames - just things to think about ..

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Also serves as a convenience...

by gralfus In reply to May not be the job - mayb ...

I know someone in a similar position and she is worked like a dog because they know that she will pull the majority of the weight. They won't let her advance or switch jobs, but this is done behind the scenes so no paper trail is left. This way they can milk her for all she is worth and then discard her when she burns out. Meanwhile the cronies go to their bar-hopping parties, golf games, and vacations, leaving her as the "backup" without telling her.

So in some ways you hit it on the head about the Good 'ol boys, but they can also see people with skills as a way to offload work so they can go play.

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Get MGMT job offers from other co's...

by petersidman In reply to Also serves as a convenie ...

... and THEN go back to your management and give them the opportunity to make you a counter offer. It's a stupid game but that's how it works in the real world.

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Don't position for counter-offers

by LuckyLeatherneck In reply to Get MGMT job offers from ...

Getting offers from other employers is a good idea, as long as your current employer doesn't know.

Presenting your offer from another employer as incentive for your current employer to do right by you is a BAD IDEA. It is extortion and that's the way every employer (no matter what nice things they say to you) will feel about it. Even if it works out, you will be viewed with less honor and integrity than you had before. Or even worse, they will think that they REALLY own you now. There's also a term "Golden Handcuffs" that you should be aware of.


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by vltiii In reply to Don't position for counte ...

I agree with this assessment. If you get an offer from another company the current employer shouldn't know about it until you give notice that you're quitting. If at that time they ask why you're leaving, you may want to let them know how you feel. They will either let you go or sweeten the pot, but the decision to do so is theirs because they value your worth and not because you have essentially blackmailed them.

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by wgp_enoch In reply to Don't position for counte ...

You got to be kidding. Is it extortion if you shop around for a better deal on a car. You have no obligation not to look for other employeement just like they are under no obligation to promote you.

It may be best to leave the company looking for greener pastures if the glass ceiling can't be broken.

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U really need to opem your ears more often and mouth much less.

by johnjr56az In reply to Extortion?

The Marine only cited a potential scenario. He never stated a fact. And I do have to agree w/him. Civilians (especially those in the upper suits) are very connieving bosses. I've never met one in the civilian world that cound be trusted as far as I could pick threm up and throw them. Even more so, the ones closest to me in the work environment. Your sarcasm and irresponcible outburst is exactly the type of barrier that she's facing in her own dilemma. So take a chill pill and relax for a while before you air any more wisdom!

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by apotheon In reply to U really need to opem you ...

You say that as if military supervisors can't be just as petty and spiteful. Judging by what I saw while I was in, they can be. There are some great leaders in the military, but there are some real wastes of oxygen, too.

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by bobfairchild In reply to Extortion?

It is not extortion to take care of yourself! You must get an offer from antoher company then take the offer to your company and see what happens. 9 times out of 10 your company will match or beat the offer. I have done this 2 times with excellent results!! Sometime the company just needs you to stand up and say "WHAT ABOUT ME!!"

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This works

by IT_techie_guy In reply to Get MGMT job offers from ...

Getting upper management to counter offer after another company offers you a job works very well, at least it did for me. I got a $25,000 per year pay increase, increase vacation, and now upper management understands better about what it takes to run an I.T. department. Shop yourself around then go back to your company and tell them what you have been offered.

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