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I've got 2 !!!

By illusiverecords ·
I have two hard drives on my computer at home. I was intending to format my computer and put an all new Windows XP on it and I inadvertently just added a second instance of XP on the other harddrive. How would I go about getting rid of one ? I was told I could use Partition Magic to fix it.

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by dmiles In reply to I've got 2 !!!

One way to this is Open My computer,right click on the drive you will not use and selelct format from drop down menu

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by illusiverecords In reply to

Hey David. This is Kerry from the A+ Class, email me at

Oh yeah I tried formatting already it wouldn't let me.

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by zaferus In reply to I've got 2 !!!

Partition magic will not help you here. Probably the best thing to do if you don't have data on either drive you need to keep is just put in your XP Pro disk and during the install you can define your partitions: delete all the drive letters you see here. This will wipe everything and then XP will install overtop with a freshly formatted drive.


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by illusiverecords In reply to
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by LMon In reply to I've got 2 !!!

I would do the first answer. If you then want to install everything just run the setup and make sure you pick the correct drive.

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by illusiverecords In reply to

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by Mikevjr2 In reply to I've got 2 !!!

I can understand why someone might tell you to use partition magic, You can set the active partition to the other harddrive but it would still leave you with an extra copy that you don't want.

Taking that into consideration, are you sure you have 2 Physical Harddrives and not just 1 Harddrive Partitioned into 2?

Assuming you have 2 Physical Drives, Here's what you can do if you don't know which HardDrive has the active partion:

Run your WinXP installation and format both drives, you can install XP on the bigger of the two drives, and use the other for MP3's and other files.

Now if you have 1 Physical Harddrive you can delete both partition and then Create one that uses the maximum amount of space, then just complete the Windows XP installation.


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by illusiverecords In reply to

I actually have two harddrives because I installed an extra one. It's just such a hassle putting all of my programs back on my

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by illusiverecords In reply to I've got 2 !!!

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