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    I’ve got a great idea!


    by advancedgeek ·

    work makes me carry this INFERNAL blackberry around for emergencies and all. So I’m sleeping and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose in my bedroom. Earthquake? no. Was I getting mortared/carbombed/nuked? no.

    It was the INFERNAL EMAIL FROM TECHRUPUBLIC AT 5:15 IN THE MORNING!!! BAH! I never did get back to sleep…I don’t mind getting them…but maybe at a decent hour for the week…like 0800 or something. 🙂

    *note: this is mostly a joke…those who flame me will be sacked, and those who jokingly flame me— will also be sacked (any monty python fans out there?) 😀

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      Sounds like a good alarm clock

      by awfernald ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      Look at the benefits, not the problems. Consider it a feature, not a bug!

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        Stay awake

        by choppit ·

        In reply to Sounds like a good alarm clock

        Post your addy and we’ll make sure you stay awake 😉

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        We also do wake-up calls

        by smorty71 ·

        In reply to Sounds like a good alarm clock

        Yeah, the whole alarm clock thing is one of our beta features. We’re doing wake-up calls, too. Just post your phone number with the time you want to be called and either Jay or I will help you kick off your day. 🙂

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      by advancedgeek ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      Hah…sure it’s…have at it 🙂

      Seriously if anyone out there actually has that email address…they get SO many emails because of me. 🙂

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        yeah… or these

        by house ·

        In reply to BAH!

        john, david, chris, joe… all @hotmail – poor saps.

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        quite possible!

        by cactus pete ·

        In reply to BAH!

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          by advancedgeek ·

          In reply to quite possible!

          I hope that guy doesn’t read this forum…
          he better have one heck of a spam filter 🙂

          *all employees of have been sacked.

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          by william ·

          In reply to quite possible!

          I wonder if they either had the problem or expected to have the problem with people using I noticed they use … as their email. ha

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      Management material

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      Start a discussion. (Satirically) state that contrary views are not allowed; just agree with me or shut up.

      Sounds like you qualify for a management position.

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      CPQ Insight mgr.

      by tbragsda ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      Worked a project at a big bank I was was with. Setup Insightmgr for like 150 branches. While I was getting the project going, I was the only one getting the pages. Branches connected through the mainframe with NW SAA/SNA. For some stupid reason I never got, the PUs would reset at night, not all on one schedule either. So, beepbeepbeep. 10 min later beepbeepbeep.

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      Works for me…

      by jessie ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      8 am for you would be 9am for me… at that point I’d have already been awake for 4 hours. Wonder if they can delay the messages to deliver at 8am in each time zone… of course, that would put some people 24 hours behind the times… that’d be bad… I think they should just stick with waking YOU up at 5:15… that’s 6:15 MY time, and I’m already up by then too… and come to think of it… I don’t have a cheezeball blackberry anyway… so I don’t really care what time they wake YOU up. :p

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        by advancedgeek ·

        In reply to Works for me…

        9am for you? I live on the east coast!Anyway…such hatred…you will be sacked!

        p.s. if you would like my blackberry…i would gladly “lose it” in your garbage can 😀

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          over here

          by house ·

          In reply to huh?!

          I’ll take that puppy off your hands… then again, there’s a reason that I dumped my pager 5 years ago. 😉

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          I won’t

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to over here

          even break down and get a cell phone, personal or professional.

          I do NOT want people calling me all the time. If I wanted to talk to someone I would go visit them. I do not need to talk to them while I am at the mall or driving down the highway.

          Cell phone = teather.

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          Learn to turn it off

          by dr dij ·

          In reply to I won’t

          I’ve eliminated my landline so cell is all I got. On weekends, power it off if work people bother you. Unless you’re paid to be on call, then work should supply it. At nite, I keep it in room other than BR so I don’t get woken up.

          I’ve actually had ex-gfs call while I’m out on weekend with my current gal, not as bad as work calling. (It was OK, we’re still ‘friends’).

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          You’re right…

          by jessie ·

          In reply to huh?!

          I was never any good at math… that’s why I got a degree in electronics 🙂

          Actually, I’m good at math, but time zones always screw me up!

          I’d like to be sacked… haven’t been sacked in months.

        • #3351204


          by jaqui ·

          In reply to You’re right…

          don’t tell us your marital woes. 😉

        • #3349771


          by jessie ·

          In reply to hey!!

          It is occassionally mildly entertaining to get fired… from a BAD job…

          Most fun I ever had QUITTING a job… I walked in one day, said, “I came to give my notice. You’ll notice I won’t be here anymore.” and left. 🙂 Now THAT was fun!!!

        • #3351029

          done that

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Phooey!!!

          it is a blast.

          something like that old movie:
          Take This Job and Shove it!!

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      by advancedgeek ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      That’s what I like to see…a nice noonish email…

      /me initiates a slow clap

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      auto on/off

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      I didn’t read to see if anyone else already suggested it, but the blackberry options include an auto off feature… comes in handy 🙂

      you can set it to turn back on about the time you want to wake up…

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        Or use level 1 messages

        by zaferus ·

        In reply to auto on/off

        I have a BB too, but instead of auto on off I have all messages set to silent, and level 1 messages set to vibrate.

        Under desktop manager you can set that messages from certain domains/addresses forward to your unit as level 1 messages – everything else is ignored except for legitimate messages.

        For myself any messages from our monitoring server or a few select people get treated as level 1. Helps me sleep at night!


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      by hockeyist ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      Those who sent the e-mail have been sacked.
      The people hired to replace the people who were sacked have been sacked.
      Those responsible for carrying the e-mail through the ether – sacked.
      Your partner for not turning the alarm off before it woke you – sacked.
      Those responsible for not supplying you earplugs – sacked.
      The person responsible for this post – sacked.

      • #3351087


        by advancedgeek ·

        In reply to Sacked…

        Glad to see i’m not the only geek out there…

        The person responsible for sacking…has been sacked.

        *note: Please go rent “Monty Python: The quest for the Holy Grail” if you have not seen it…or risk being sacked.

    • #3246856


      by craig herberg ·

      In reply to I’ve got a great idea!

      Sounds remarkably like BRD, a very treatable malady.

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