I've got nothing to hide but...

By bova9 ·
Hi - just found the website - it looks great!

I have no knowledge of computers really - I have a desktop in my home office and my own laptop. There is a VPN connection on my desktop to link my Sage software to my line manager's house and my ex-partner set it up. I know that he can check the status of the VPN etc from his house as he did so when setting the system up.

My ex-partner previously set up a keylogger on my previous laptop :-/ and although I have nothing to particularly hide even in my emails, I am a little paranoid perhaps! I have gone to my laptop tonight and tried to log in but it won't accept the password - the hint relating to that password came up so I've not changed it in my sleep!

Long story short huh!

1. How is it possible for my password to suddenly not work (the cursor stops 2 characters short of the length of my password)

2. How can I check that there's no keylogger on my hardware anywhere

3. I am completely clueless!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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First - what operating system are you using ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I've got nothing to hide ...

What are you trying to do when you attempt to 'log in'? Are you meaning entering your operating system or are you meaning logging onto an online system?

Can you boot your laptop at all?

What make and model of laptop are we talking about here?

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